Saturday, 1 July 2017

Taking nerys On first trip to nanas

We haven't been to nanas in 3 months and it was pure joy on your face when you arrived as you went exploring very quickly and realised there was lots to see and do in nanas and grandads bug house! 
You were up the stairs at one point before we even realised you were missing and I found you up out on grandads balcony! 

You were very excited about the hot tub so mummy got in and you got your swimsuit on and then decided it wasn't for you. 
You did however love the "tunnel" round the back of the house and I lost count of how many times you took nana round it! 

You loved helping in the garden! 

And shucking peas for dinner 

Think half of them made it to the bowl! 

We went to see great nana Joan she was so happy to see you both!

You had nana fly swatting for all our trip regularly shouting for her everytime you saw one 

Yeah u thought playing with the hose was great fun and soaked yourself! 

Nana showed you how to eat cherries. You loved them!

You had two trips to the beach. Both of which you thought were amazing 

You spent ages shifting stones from one bucket to the other. 

I hate leaving nana and grandads as we always have so much fun and I know how much you love the special times we share with them however it wouldn't be special if we never left and I think nana and grandad need the rest as Carys days are tiring! Ask your mummy! 

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