Saturday, 1 July 2017

Carys birthday

We had a party for you at the local church hall. 
Aunty Kelly made you this fab cake! 

We hired Lisa from your dance class to come and entertain you all for an hour. You had the best time!!

Nana and grandad came to your party and stayed for the day. Aunty Kelly stayed all weekend and took you swimming with daddy on Sunday. 

As it was Father's Day daddy had dinner with you. 😂

You had great fun opening all your presents on your birthday. Aunty Kelly took the day off and 

We took you to a splash park as it was 28 degrees. 

You thought it was brilliant but after an hour you were shivering. Not sure how as we were all melting. We stripped you off and gave you some lunch and then in the afternoon you had a trip to the park with daddy and we treated you to dinner out. 

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