Thursday, 22 June 2017

Carys turns 2!


Well you have certainly taken to being a big sister. You love your cuddles and want to "help" mummy and daddy look after nerys. 


 Toddler dance is one of your favourite classes with Lisa. You are so confident you run off and sing and dance for the whole hour. 
You love this outfit sara and sienna got you and wear it to twirl around!




You still love the hoover although you have grown out of kissing it goodbye. You like to get your toy hoover out though and copy us. 


We are getting more of this when you can't have your own way or when you want our attention. It's hard work! 


You love your visits from nana and grandad and kelly. You run at the door and scream with excitement when they arrive! We have seen lots of them lately as mummy has needed more help! 


You continue to push the boundaries and think you are clever when you test mummy by walking a fine line between what's allowed and what's not. For example mummy says don't put that in your mouth - so you run it on your lip. Or mummy says no you must hold someone's had so you link yours together and say "hold Carys hands"