Saturday, 13 May 2017

May 7th 2017

So little one, that baby sister of yours is due any time now!.
 And mummy was worried about something happening and having no one there to look after you.
Granddad brought Nana to your house on Sunday the 7th may
We got there after you had been to the park
 Mummy and daddy thought you must have been stung by a 🐝 bee as you let out a piercing scream, but it seems it was just a shadow. 
We arrived just after you got back, you was very pleased to see us.
Monday you woke us bright and early, eager to get into our bed, and Empty the contents of granddads bags
After a few round of Santa on granddads phone we all got washed dressed and went to cassiobury park
 It was very cold, and after a quick turn on the swings we chased granddad back through the park to the car
 After some lunch you had an hours play with granddad before he left to go watch Chelsea playing dolls and tea setsgranddad went off to football and it was time to tidy upyou give mummy's tummy lots of cuddles and say ' baby out woosh '
I bet mummy wishes it was just wish
Tuesday you were very excited to see nana still here, we played Santa before getting up
 Cheeky monkey you had to take quite a few selfies before getting it right we all got up washed dressed, had breakfast and got ready to go to Little sparklers, the shadows problem comes and goes, but you need lots of cuddles from Nana, when you remember nana had fun making sure the right coloured brushes stayed in the right paint pots, with Two lovely master pieces we were there nearly two hours, it finished with singing at the end. On the way home we stopped at the park where you wore nana out running all over the park up and down the hills. We got back had some lunch, and mummy had a nap when you had yours, you have cut nap time down to about an hour.
You decided it was time to give yourself your drink of milk when you woke
 We played for a little while tidying up your toy room, then mummy took you to see Vian  and some other of your friends at the park Wednesday
Awake bright and early, after Santa, Santa we face time Granddad
  Wednesday I think was explorer church,
 where you played with some more of your little friends.
 We came back and had some lunch 
Mummy found a solution to the shadows problem.
after your nap mummy asked if you wanted to go see Charlie or play in the garden, you was happy to stay and play  
Sit Nana Sit
again it was a bit chilly even in the sunshine Thursday 
Nana couldn't wake up this morning
Today after face time with granddad
 We played breakfast with the Dolls Tina and Anna before getting washed dressed and got ready to go Dolphinas  nana chased you all round the rides  after lunch at Morrisons
and Nap time you helped nana and mummy do some gardening granddad arrived back, just in time to make you a lovely bubbly bath
 Friday, after playing Santa with granddads phone we all got washed dressed and granddad made breakfast, as we sit and play on your phone, when we ask who is on the phone, you always say"Mark"
While Granddad stayed home and did some odd jobs for mummy, we went to toddler dance to see your favourite dancer Lisa who has lots of toys and games to sing and dance towhen we got back granddad had done some tidying up too and you wanted to help  lunch and nap and we played in the garden  we all went down to the Harvester, you walked all the way there. But after it was time for Granddad to take Nana home for the weekend.
Because Auntie Kelly was arriving this evening

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