Thursday, 18 May 2017

Big sister

Wow what a busy and exciting few days you have had! We have been very lucky to have nana, grandad and Kelly looking after you while mummy was getting ready and then having your sister. It was very hard for mummy not to see much of you for a few days and it's hard now while I recover I can't do more with you but it won't be long!

So here she is! She's about 30 mins old in this photo! 


Daddy couldn't bring you to the hospital as mummy was a long time getting on to the ward and it was too late. 

The next day however it was our number one priority. That and getting mummy and Nerys home. 


You were so happy to meet her! We had a few tears every time we tried to take her away you just wanted to cuddle and stroke her. You got upset when we wouldn't let you walk round the room with her. I think it was all a bit overwhelming. Daddy took you off for a little walk and it was all forgotten when you returned. We said our goodbyes and mummy didn't think she would see you for another day. Amazingly the hospital then decided mummy was allowed home. 
We messaged nana and she kept you up so you could see mummy and Nerys were home. You were all smiles. 

You were such a good girl going to bed and we didn't hear a peep out of you all night despite Nerys being awake crying. Thank you!!



Now home you want to be very involved. You are constantly looking to see what Nerys is doing and check you arent missing out. It's very cute you only want to touch her as cuddle her but you wake her up and startle her with your enthusiasm. 

Dawn and Charlie came to meet your little sister. Charlie was very interested in watching the breastfeeding. 

You want mummy all the time to do things and it's hard to feed you both milk at once, we haven't had too many episodes yet but I'm sure they will come over the days. Well done for another nights sleep - you are really helping mummy and daddy. 😘

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