Friday, 19 May 2017

22 months old

You seemed so grown up today a few times. We are able to have proper conversations now - although we still don't have a clue what biggun means a word you use regularly everyday. 
You are living your new sister but at the same time you are finding it difficult. You love having cuddles but always seem to ask at the most difficult time, like when after an hour of feeding she has finally settled to sleep and you want to touch her. 


You love Lisa and your toddler dance class. I'm so proud of the way you go off and get involved. Most your age sit on their mums laps for most of the sessions. 


The swing is back to being a firm favourite at the park. 


Hermione sent you a present. You love your new tshirt and as soon as you saw it we had you saying. "On on" even though you were dressednit had to stay on until bedtime.


You hold a pen very well at times and your use of a fork is now good too. You can count to 15 and can sing most of the alphabet. You love to sing and dance and laugh. . . And we love to watch you!


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