Tuesday, 16 May 2017

15th May 2017

Dear little one
Nana and Granddad went home for the weekend, but auntie Kelly came to stay
When you woke up Saturday morning you were Kelly's shadow.
Mummy was feeling very tired, so daddy and kelly took you to the park to let off some steam
Don't know who was the more worn out   Then a snack and drink for all back home and it was time for kelly to play kitchens and babies   You made every one laugh with the baby in the tummy Sunday mummy was feeling a little poorly.
 You love to wrap Tina up in her blanket and give her her bottle
 Kelly and daddy took you swimming, and you wore your new floaty swimsuit
Then you was very helpful, letting daddy put together the baby's new bed
Mummy's pains started in the night and daddy took mummy to the hospital.
Auntie Kelly was left in charge 
 And you was good at telling her what had to be done. Nana and Granddad were on their way.  It had been raining all day and when we arrived we had a new Rose that you helped nana plant for your new baby sister  then we had to water all the other plants we then got news that your new baby sister had arrived and mummy and daddy named her Nerys Ruby Jones after lunch you decided to turn out granddads bags we think you were getting cabin fever as the rain had mostly stopped after your nap we took you for a walk down the canal to feed the ducks we then walked to Morrisons and had a drink and snack while kelly and granddad did some shopping,  Granddad then left to go watch Chelsea.
when we got back daddy arrived and we went to the harvester for dinner. 
It was time for Auntie kelly to go home, so daddy took her for a quick visit to see Nerys before dropping her off at the station.
Nana gave you a bath, and we sat and watched in the night garden as you had your bottle. You drained it to the last drop, we had a little dance with Upsy Daisy. We put Tina and Anna to sleepwe had cuddles and kisses Nana promised to see you in the morning. You went straight to sleep, not a whimper or cry.
Tuesday morning you got up with daddy and had your milk, you faced timed mummy and saw your sister Nerys.
At 7.30am you came and woke nana and granddad, we all got washed and dressed. Daddy made a smoothie to take to the hospital to see mummy.
Nana put some washing on and Granddad did your breakfast and we took it in turns having breakfast and getting ready to go out.
You helped nana hang out the washing, then it was time to get you dressed.
Granddad walked to little sparklers with us, but then went back home 
  You had fun there and loved the singing, but five minutes before the end, you got my finger and said home! And marched me out, you didn't want to walk so you got into the buggy, but because we left early we missed granddad, he had walked the other way, so we had to wait for him. And you walked back with him from the garage. 
The sun had come out, so we sat in the garden for you to have your snack.
Granddad made you an omelette for lunch and you ate it all, we had half hours play watering the flowers and Nana put you down for a nap. You must have been tired because again we had no fuss straight to sleep.
Daddy came home and had a nap, and so did granddad
This afternoon after you woke up, we took you to the hospital to meet Nerys 
You helped daddy change her nappy  had lots of cuddles  Nerys bought you a present of the Tombliboos, and you bought Nerys an elephant snuggle all went well until mummy said you couldn't walk about with her, after a few tears, it was nana and garanddads turn to meet Nerys and daddy took you for a walk.
Daddy drove nana granddad and Carys home.
Granddad cooked a roast dinner and you ate every bit, then you had some blueberries and grapes, then had seconds. Daddy made your bottle up. 
Daddy left to go and collect mummy and your sister!
Nana and granddad played until it was bath time, granddad made you lots of bubbles, and Nana gave you a bath, you played for about half an hour, you decided to tidy up and started throwing the toys at nana to catch to put on the side, I was ok with that until you lobbed a soaking wet flannel at me. Drenched nana had enough. We got you dried and dressed in your pjs, then hair dried your hair, when looking in the mirror you tell yourself  'beautiful '.
We went downstairs to watch in the night garden and have your milk.
We got a message to say mummy and daddy were nearly home and they wanted you to say goodnight to Nerys 
 You were very excited to see her, we sat and watched her for a while, until daddy made her crib ready. Then you watched her put to bed, said goodnight to Nerys and daddy put you to bed. Now that mummy was home it was time for Nana and granddad to go to their home, but we will see you soon
Had a lovely time looking after you again over the last couple of weeks

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