Friday, 21 April 2017

Friday 21st April 2017

You slept til about 7am this morning and came and woke up Nana and Grandad.
We all know who is in charge as you demanded granddad and I to get up.
We all went downstairs, and you helped fill up the big jug with lots of different fruits to make a smoothie for mummy, Nana, granddad and your self, you drink very nicely from one of these little coffee cups
 Mummy and daddy packed up our bags with a picnic for you. We watched out the window as daddy and granddad loaded up the car.
Then with your seat in granddads car we set off. As mummy and daddy packed up to go to a wedding today.
The Sat Nav sent us all around the houses, and you and I played games in the back of the car. Love the game as we stop st traffic lights ! You count until the lights change to green and we can go.
Eventually we arrived at Shenley park. First you had a go on the swings,
 But you wasn't very happy about the noisy tractor, cutting the grass 
 then you had a go on  the slide, we hid in a little house from Granddad as he went to buy a cup of tea for us. 
So we went and had a drink and a snack.
We had a nappy change for you and set off to find the fairy garden.
We were a little disappointed as all we found were some labels on some trees.
You did some walking with granddad and he took you to see some horses, 
on the way back to Nana you found it great fun to walk granddad back and forth across a small bridge amongst the bluebells.
We went for a walk around the orchards, 
which were full of blossom,
 through the orchard we found a swing and slide which you spent some time on.
Next we walked to the walled garden, that had lots of pretty flowers all in bud, so none out yet.
At the far end of the gardens we found some chickens and rabbits which you loved chatting to.
We walked back to the lodge cafe and had some lunch.You only left a few crusts left of your sandwich, 
 had a few pieces of red pepper, didn't want any carrot and polished off the baby bell cheese. And when Nana's ham egg and chips arrived kept knicking nana's chips and dipping them into the tomato sauce, and thought it very funny, as nana turned her head,pulled nana's   plate away and had it in front of you. We finished our drinks and walked back to the car.
You were not best pleased about getting into the car and planked, after some tears we got you into your seat. We thought you would sleep on the way back!!!! Not for you.
We got back about 1.30pm after unpacking we took you up for a nap.
Again you were not happy about this.
But after a little protest and a few tears, you were very quiet, and started singing twinkle twinkle little star.
After another few minutes by 1.50pm you went to sleep. You slept for nearly an hour and 3/4.  You were only stirring a little but granddad came and got you. 
You woke up very happy and Granddad and I had lots of cuddles. You didn't want milk right away, just asked for water, granddad offered you a snack, you started it and just left that too. 
You asked granddad for Tina, he went out the back and couldn't find her, but came back with a load of other toys.
 You dashed off and came back with the Tea set and Tea pot, nana found Tina and Anna, we set all the dolls   Upright and had a dollys Tea party you sat playing Tea sets with them for over an hour, nana had to just keep 'filling' the tea pot up for you.and it was only then that you asked to have your milk.
We played on with the teddies and dollies and fed them all and each one had a drink.
Granddad finished cooking our dinner, at first you didn't want any and just played with the fish, granddad finished his and asked if you didn't want any to eat.
You asked for the iPad and watched Peppa Pig, all of a sudden you just started eating your Salmon, both granddad and I thought, oh well at least you have eaten you fish. You then wanted the red peppers and carrots left over from lunch, that were on the table from unpacking, after eating them, you then decided to eat all the mixed veg of peas carrots, sweet corn and Broccoli. Granddad and I were amazed !
While granddad tidied up, and made your night bottle up, we played trying to get Tina and Anna to sleep,
 Tina was being very naughty  nana was worried about you hitting your head on the fireplace, and managed to get Tina and Anna to the other side, by the sofa You came up with nana and granddad and you watched as we cleaned our teeth. within no time at all, it was bath time and granddad ran your bath.  You played very well with the cups and we went through all the colours as we played. 
You pulled the plug and nana got you dried and creamed up with your special cream.
Nana dried the rest of you off, and got you dressed ready for bed.
We went back down to granddad, put your sleep sack on and granddad gave you your bottle as you watched in the night garden with him you got a little tearful about going up to bed, first you wanted granddad to take you up, but at the bottom of the stairs you called out for Nana. I took you up, we cleaned your teeth. I gave you a cuddle for a couple of minutes, promised I'd see you in the morning, gave you a kiss and put you down, and shut your door. And although you cried for a couple of minutes, I was outside the door , ready to come in and give you another cuddle, but you stopped crying and started singing and chatting. Then you went very quiet. Nana took a deep breath and went downstairs.

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