Sunday, 30 April 2017

April 2017

Well you are growing in confidence no end and have suddenly decided you need to do everything for yourself. This can be quite time consuming watching you try to put your own socks and trousers on. Your success rate is a bit hit and miss. You will accept help as long as the end result is we celebrate you having achieved it by yourself! 


We have had to buy you a more grown up chair to sit at the table as you had put grown your high chair. You have done very well with it and seem to enjoy being sat at the table for meals. 


You like to help mummy whatever the chore is. Even if you don't have the skills. You nearly broke your neck last week as you had to carry the shopping basket for mummy. 

We have had a big sort out of clothes and you "helped" mummy wash and sort out all your old newborn clothes ready for when your sister arrives. You loved rushing over to my belly and holding bits up to see if the fitted. 

We have had some lovely days out with a few long weekends. We have been to farmyard funworld a few times. Your favourite thing to do her was to feed the sheep. They were quite jumpy but you bravely strolled in and just got stuck into feeding them. Even daddy was surprised when you just walked straight into the chicken pen and was happy to let them peck food from you. 

Easter weekend aunty Kelly and Poppi came to visit. Nana was supposed to come but sadly she was poorly. Daddy grandad and Riley went to the rugby. 


Mummy has been persisting with "knickies" and nappy off time but you still wet yourself every time. I ask you where to do your wee and you tell me "in potty" but you never make it. We will keep trying I know you can do it soon!


We had a lovely trip to the zoo with daddy and aunty kelly. Your favourites were still the sea lions. You can see them above and below the water and for 40 mins you had kelly and daddy marching between the two while you squeaked with delight. It was only that it was time to leave for dinner that we managed to drag you away. 


We took a trip to St Albans near Easter too. You loved the bunny on your lap to stroke and kept saying "bunny soft"

Nana and grandad are with us a few days a week at the moment to help mummy as she is quite tired from carrying your sister. This pleases you know end as you love having extra playmates. You are always so happy to see them and yet surprisingly you have adjusted and calmed to their leaving. I think you might understand a little more now that they do come back! 
You have suddenly realised as well as being called nana and grandad that they are Susan and "My call" (Michael) you oddly say it with the same intonation and pronounciation as nana which makes everyone laugh especially you!


We are not only back in the bath but also we are back in the swimming pool! Daddy took you last week ( mummy is to fat to swim at the moment ) and we have heard nothing else all week but swim swim swim so we decided we had best take you again. You were even more confident second time round throwing your head under the water and splashing and kicking ( you even left the comfort of the steps to get in )!
You did bite through your arm band annoyingly. It's going to get expensive if we need a new pair every time you go!


You are stillloving being out in the garden. If it's not raining we are out there most days. No matter how cold it gets. Sadly you seem to be a pro at watering yourself as well as the floor and plants!

You can now sing most of the alphabet and count to 13 on your own. I love listening to you and your singing especially when you are out to bed. We often get a nursery rhymes medley! 

You seem to be excited about your sister arriving. We have lots of cuddles and you made me wash one of your blankets because you wanted to give it to her. 



We have also reached the era of fancy dress 


Saturday, 22 April 2017

Saturday 22nd April 2017

Woke up at 6.15 and heard you talking, I thought I would be getting up, even thought about making your bottle, seems we both fell back to sleep for another hour.
At 7.15 I got up and made your bottle, because mummy said you shouldn't sleep past 7.30. Because this puts you out for the rest of your day.
At 7.30 granddad started making lots of noise getting up, and still you never woke you.
In the end he came and got you, you were very warm and snugly and had cuddles whilst granddad made a cup of tea for us and made sure your milk was cooled, as soon as your milk was drunk you was up to mischief
 Granddad couldn't keep up with all the baby clothes coming out the draw.
He tried distracting you with stickers., which you stuck all up nana's arms, and thought it very funny pulling them off and nana saying "ouch!"
You found Dumbo in your room while nana was getting dress, and wanted to put Dumbo to sleep in mummy's bed
 First we face timed mummy and daddy then We went down to granddad to help him make the smoothies you sat very nicely drinking your smoothie, you kept saying to granddad and I peace be with you and shaking our hands !after your smoothie granddad made you some weetabix, which you ate about half of while watching Peppa pig next it was time to dress you and nana made an attempt to try and get that soft fluffy hair into bunches like mummy does not sure I was that successful, granddad packed up the car and we set off to the park.
When we got there you decided you wanted to get in the buggy, it was then that granddad realised we had forgot the nappy bag. He went back home for it and you and I took a slow walk to the swing park
 We saw the ducks, swans and some geese along the way they were very hungry and came up to the buggy pecking, so nana quickly took you to the swings you love the swings, and nana pushed you until Ellie arrived and you wanted to go on the climbing frame with her, then the roundabout, granddad arrived and we took you on the trampoline, more swinging and then we walked back to the cafewe saw a Heron too , but those little legs got tired and you got back into the buggy.
We went to the cafe and nana and granddad had a cup of coffee and cake and you had your own drink and a snack, 
Just as we sat down, mummy and daddy arrived, back from their wedding.
Daddy took you to feed the ducks, geese and swans with wild bird seed
 It was time for nana and granddad to leave, we were going to football at Wembley.
You went with daddy for a walk to Tesco to meet mummy to do some shopping.
Then when you got home, you showed mummy how to play Tea sets with your dollys and toys

Friday, 21 April 2017

Friday 21st April 2017

You slept til about 7am this morning and came and woke up Nana and Grandad.
We all know who is in charge as you demanded granddad and I to get up.
We all went downstairs, and you helped fill up the big jug with lots of different fruits to make a smoothie for mummy, Nana, granddad and your self, you drink very nicely from one of these little coffee cups
 Mummy and daddy packed up our bags with a picnic for you. We watched out the window as daddy and granddad loaded up the car.
Then with your seat in granddads car we set off. As mummy and daddy packed up to go to a wedding today.
The Sat Nav sent us all around the houses, and you and I played games in the back of the car. Love the game as we stop st traffic lights ! You count until the lights change to green and we can go.
Eventually we arrived at Shenley park. First you had a go on the swings,
 But you wasn't very happy about the noisy tractor, cutting the grass 
 then you had a go on  the slide, we hid in a little house from Granddad as he went to buy a cup of tea for us. 
So we went and had a drink and a snack.
We had a nappy change for you and set off to find the fairy garden.
We were a little disappointed as all we found were some labels on some trees.
You did some walking with granddad and he took you to see some horses, 
on the way back to Nana you found it great fun to walk granddad back and forth across a small bridge amongst the bluebells.
We went for a walk around the orchards, 
which were full of blossom,
 through the orchard we found a swing and slide which you spent some time on.
Next we walked to the walled garden, that had lots of pretty flowers all in bud, so none out yet.
At the far end of the gardens we found some chickens and rabbits which you loved chatting to.
We walked back to the lodge cafe and had some lunch.You only left a few crusts left of your sandwich, 
 had a few pieces of red pepper, didn't want any carrot and polished off the baby bell cheese. And when Nana's ham egg and chips arrived kept knicking nana's chips and dipping them into the tomato sauce, and thought it very funny, as nana turned her head,pulled nana's   plate away and had it in front of you. We finished our drinks and walked back to the car.
You were not best pleased about getting into the car and planked, after some tears we got you into your seat. We thought you would sleep on the way back!!!! Not for you.
We got back about 1.30pm after unpacking we took you up for a nap.
Again you were not happy about this.
But after a little protest and a few tears, you were very quiet, and started singing twinkle twinkle little star.
After another few minutes by 1.50pm you went to sleep. You slept for nearly an hour and 3/4.  You were only stirring a little but granddad came and got you. 
You woke up very happy and Granddad and I had lots of cuddles. You didn't want milk right away, just asked for water, granddad offered you a snack, you started it and just left that too. 
You asked granddad for Tina, he went out the back and couldn't find her, but came back with a load of other toys.
 You dashed off and came back with the Tea set and Tea pot, nana found Tina and Anna, we set all the dolls   Upright and had a dollys Tea party you sat playing Tea sets with them for over an hour, nana had to just keep 'filling' the tea pot up for you.and it was only then that you asked to have your milk.
We played on with the teddies and dollies and fed them all and each one had a drink.
Granddad finished cooking our dinner, at first you didn't want any and just played with the fish, granddad finished his and asked if you didn't want any to eat.
You asked for the iPad and watched Peppa Pig, all of a sudden you just started eating your Salmon, both granddad and I thought, oh well at least you have eaten you fish. You then wanted the red peppers and carrots left over from lunch, that were on the table from unpacking, after eating them, you then decided to eat all the mixed veg of peas carrots, sweet corn and Broccoli. Granddad and I were amazed !
While granddad tidied up, and made your night bottle up, we played trying to get Tina and Anna to sleep,
 Tina was being very naughty  nana was worried about you hitting your head on the fireplace, and managed to get Tina and Anna to the other side, by the sofa You came up with nana and granddad and you watched as we cleaned our teeth. within no time at all, it was bath time and granddad ran your bath.  You played very well with the cups and we went through all the colours as we played. 
You pulled the plug and nana got you dried and creamed up with your special cream.
Nana dried the rest of you off, and got you dressed ready for bed.
We went back down to granddad, put your sleep sack on and granddad gave you your bottle as you watched in the night garden with him you got a little tearful about going up to bed, first you wanted granddad to take you up, but at the bottom of the stairs you called out for Nana. I took you up, we cleaned your teeth. I gave you a cuddle for a couple of minutes, promised I'd see you in the morning, gave you a kiss and put you down, and shut your door. And although you cried for a couple of minutes, I was outside the door , ready to come in and give you another cuddle, but you stopped crying and started singing and chatting. Then you went very quiet. Nana took a deep breath and went downstairs.