Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Growing up fast

We are finally eating something other than toast for breakfast! Hooray!


You are showing more interest in the world outside - you like to watch the garden and see "birdies" and "airplanes" 


Wherever we go we generally have to take someone on our outing. 












Drier brighter weather has allowed us more time
Outside in the park or garden. The only problem I have is trying to get you in from the garden as you love being outside. I have even tried to fake lock you out to get you to come in which backfired as you just waved and walked off. 
You love bubbles and water and it is hard trying to keep you dry. 



You love Tina and Anna your two dolls and they seem to have to go in a pair. You often make me change their nappies and want to feed them. 



We are still having some troubles with your mood. It is so changeable. You are very shouty and keep making demands. Mummy is working hard to get you to say please and talk more calmly but we are having slow progress. You are also back to biting and have also started pinching and slapping mummy now. Trying to get you to say sorry is hard work but you eventually give in after 5 minutes or so. 


We are having a little joy with the potty. You have done a couple of wees on it and seem happier to sit in it. You have put on knickers ( knickies  as you call them ). You seemed quite happy about it. We will keep trying - I hope you can get out of nappies before the baby arrives! 

Your singing is improving and you seem to manage more than half of baa baa black sheep now and twinkle twinkle ( tinkle tinkle as you call it ). 

Your sleep is good. We are getting 12 hours at night now for several weeks and you sleep in until 7am which is amazing! 

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

20 months old and a few tantrums

Well we have had the occasional dry and tepid day which means we have been able to get back in the park. Much to your delight! You love the slide and climbing up and get into a routine on loop once you have the hang of what is required at each different park. 





Your walking is really coming on and we can do short trips without the pram now. 

We have also had some time out in the garden with your favourite - the bubbles. The challenge is making sure the adult has a strong enough grip so you can't wrestle them out of their hands and spill them everywhere. 




"Hello ducks!"

Your walking has really picked up speed. Sometimes it's a case of running to keep up with you. This was you when we told you nana was the other end of the path. You short off like a rocket. 


We have had more of this the last two weeks when you can't get your own way. Like when you want crisps for breakfast or to touch something hot or dangerous. Or just because sometimes. 




Thankfully that's not so often and we have more laughs than tantrums. You enjoy mummy's smoothie and often ask for some. 






Your increasingly interested in the baby and have tried to feed it, kiss it, cuddle it and give it stickers. You even tried to do row row the boat with it - annoyed there was no hand to hold on to!



I'm not sure you understand what but I think you are starting to realise something is going on. 


You are very 'helpful' and want to do everything mummy is doing. Sometimes more helpful than others. 


We made our own pancakes on pancake day which you were very happy about. You seemed to enjoy them!


You like sitting in your chair and looking in the garden. You tell me when you can see birds or aeroplanes and if it's raining.