Sunday, 22 January 2017

19 months old and trying to show whose boss

Well you seem to think you are in charge at the moment. We have had refusals to bath, refusing to eat, refusing to get in the pram and the car seat, refusing to nap, performing about having your hair done! You name it you have an issue with it!


You have started this week to play for longer periods of time to yourself. Anna your dolly has been everywhere with you this week. 


The baby is getting bigger - you want to look at it lots. Think daddy was a bit offended when you touched his belly and said "baby". Seems to be encouraging him to go to the gym!


Still refusing a bath but made me take this chair up so you had a good view of my bath. 



For some reason you had to have two hats on today


You are back to enjoying humous for lunch if you are allowed a pot of your own "dip dip"


You also want to feed yourself your own yoghurt which gets quite messy


Your new wales rugby shirt arrived. You had to have it on even though you already had three layers on




You have to have a pencil in both hands - still not sure if you will be left or right ha dad as you use both hands so often to eat and draw. 

Mummy picked up nana and grandad late Thursday night so they were here when you woke up Friday. You were beside yourself with excitement. 


Both nana and grandad got lots of cuddles. 


You had such a lovely time playing with them. 

They took you to Morrisons eventually after your initial refusal to go in the pram. 


You were obsessed with playing with bags today and Saturday. 




A fight but mummy got your pigtails back in


A weekend with kelly

Mummy and daddy went away for the weekend for daddy's birthday so aunty kelly cake to look after you. Apart from not sleeping too well you were very good. 




Cheers and a happy birthday to dada!


Baking dada a cake with kelly. "Stir stir stir"


Here let me help you dada. 


I will do what I want to


My name is Carys and I would like to wear my gillet indoors. 


I would then like to put my dressing gown on over the top! 


I can feed myself when I want to. 


I will take random naps to confuse my mum and her plans for the day. 


I will give the baby pretend milk. 


And draw when you want me to eat my dinner. 


I'm very cute though so how can you get mad??




You are loving your new wipe clean drawing board. 


Ooh it's snowing "look look look"


You wanted to watch for quite some time!


Fun playing with Charlie at dolphina


Followed by a trip to see Linda


Another new toy! Mummy has been spending your Christmas money for you!


You need to have your nose in everything and need to see what I'm doing as I make the dinner. 


Sunday, 8 January 2017

A weekend with daddy

This face makes us laugh so much - it's like is this what Carys thinks every time we kiss her? 


Mummy had some quick time getting ready and daddy looked after you and then we switched places as daddy was working from home in the morning. 
Mummy got you dressed and fed. You were allowed to sit at the table and seemed to like this a lot. You ate your whole breakfast and fed it all to yourself no bother. Showing off your new found independence. 


We popped to the shops and then to see Dawn and Charlie. We had a lovely time playing with all of Charlie's new toys. We rushed home for midday and mummy and daddy took you for a harvester. You love the cold pasta salad but then it's hard to get you to eat anything else as you just keep saying "more"

Daddy found the booster seat and sat you at the table for snack time which you seemed to like. 



Daddy put you some dinner on a plate and you fed yourself even managing to dip your food in your own gravy without too much fuss. He slowly refilled your little plate as you ate little bits. 


"Night night mummy"


"Morning mummy"

 You slept fairly well and only needed resettling once. 

Daddy got you both fed up and dressed and ready to head out to blow up softplay (toddler world)

Oh no you arrived to find it cancelled. Daddy checked with the man on the desk who confirmed it wasn't on. So he drove home and took you to see Linda. 

Mummy then got a message from dawn to say they were at toddler world. 
Daddy was cross!

You took a lovely long two hour nap and daddy had to then wake you worried you wouldn't sleep at night.  
The aunty Niki and Martin came to visit you. 

Mean while mummy was watching steam trains for Henry up in Ramsbottom. She then went out for a nice meal with Caro kat and Helen. 



After a drizzly start to the day and waiting in for the food shopping Carys and daddy went to the aquadrome to see the ducks and splash about in your wellies. They are still a bit big. 

Which was a bit annoying as you didn't seem to want to walk and daddy had to carry you round and pick up wellies. 

You had a snack and headed home. 


You weren't long awake after another two hour nap when mummy arrived back. I got so many cuddles! I think you missed me. I also got my first "love you" on FaceTime today. Aunty Kelly is the only one to get them up until now!





We played while daddy cooked our dinner. After a wash down as you still won't take a bath mummy gave you your milk and daddy put you to bed. We didn't hear a peep from you all night until 645am!