Thursday, 29 December 2016

Thursday 29th December 2016

You woke at 2am and daddy had you in bed with him until about
You came up to see nana, who was asleep in Kelly's bed, because granddad had a touch of carys's cold. 
Mummy had given you your milk, you coughed so hard you brought back your milk all over yourself and mummy. You wasted no time trying to show nana what had happened
   We all got up and went and had smoothies for breakfast, and toast. You had a whole slice of toast.
We took it in turns getting ready, then mummy granddad and nana took a walk down the road. Daddy stayed behind for a rest.
We went and paid a visit to truelys 
 We all had a snack and drink then it was time to wrap back up and go to Waitrose. It was a really cold and frosty day but bright and sunny we got to the bottom of Cannongate road and we got you out of the buggy to stretch your legs you didn't walk up the whole road, nana and granddad took it in turns, but you did walk a few stretches at a time when we got back you was very helpful undoing the washing I was sorting out. Then you found the potty as a seat and started some stickies. On the floor, the bath, the toilet. But at least the washing stayed on the airer.
We all sat down to lunch together and had the soup daddy had made.
Then it was nap time
 You slept for about 40 mins in the cot and then cuddled daddy back to sleep for over another hour.
When you woke up, you just wanted mummy, the nose is still running and the cough is quite hacking.
When you came round, nana and you played with the hoovers Nana had to use Hetty and you had your Henry
  We played Tea Sets, you making everyone a cuppa you had a few up and down times, but one game that always brings you round is hide and seek you chased nana and granddad about until they are worn out so we tried to play some calmer games. We read books and played row row row the boat. Granddad made a lovely turkey stew and you ate most of yours
After dinner you came up with nana and granddad as we cleaned our teeth.
We half filled the bidet with water, you had fun with the water until nana tried to put you in.
You just didn't want to know. So nana just ignored the tears and made sure all your up and unders were washed and freshened up. We did this super quick and had you in your pjs as soon as we could.
We brought you down to mummy and she gave you your bottle, you took your time but finished the 210mls bottle and sat very quiet with mummy until 6.45 then daddy took you off to bed, there was a little resistance, but you were soon asleep

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Wednesday 28th December 2016

A poorly Carys seems to have turned a corner, daddy got up to you just after 2am to comfort you, he stayed in the small bed so he could just shhhh you.
And you slept until 7.30am mummy brought you up to us and went to make your bottle, but you had to go with mummy. You were back as soon as you had drunk it.
 And soon busy turning nana's things out and bring cheeky with it you went to play with Kelly while nana had a shower, you didn't want any breakfast.
Nana sat down to eat her toast
 And you decided to steal my toast you kept taking pieces, and ended up eating a whole slice. Which everyone was pleased about, because you were eating.we played games with the oven gloves, nana singing Tommy thumb. At the end of the whole song you nodded and said 'how do you do' mummy and Kelly went off to get some shopping. Nana and granddad started some tidying up. Daddy decided to make up one of you new toys you were very helpful to daddy waiting very patiently  you played picking up the bricks for some time. Nana played hide and seek with you while daddy got your buggy ready. Daddy then took you for a walk to get you to sleep. You had a 45 minute nap
Mummy and Kelly got back with the shopping and nana started on lunch for us and granddad made you an omelette.
Mummy's cousin James his new girlfriend Kelly and his daughter Kahlan arrived for lunch. You ate all your omelette and mummy was pleased you had your appetite back. You was such a good girl sitting at the table in your high chair playing with your sticker book as we had our lunch.
When we finished you got down from the table and you and Kahlan went to play
 You went straight up to her and gave her a hug you both had fun turning out nana's toys in the corner Kahlan sang wind the bobbin up to you, which you loved she then sang lots of other songs which you tried singing with her 
 soon it was time for Kahlan to leave, auntie Kelly left at the same time as she has to go to work tomorrow.
Which meant you became nana's shadow again
 You tried eating nana's mince pies as well when the washing finished you were very helpful getting the washing out of the tumble dryer, but as I was putting it on the airier you were putting it back in the washing basket. We had some more dancing to the music in the dining room. We managed to find a CD that wasn't Christmassy.
 And played drawing and stickers 
You didn't want your dinner this evening, everyone was left to help themselves this evening, you went from lap to lap picking at our plates.
Granddad played with the flash cards with you, you have to find the apple card
 You was not very happy again about having a bath this evening, and went without again because no one wants the tears. Real tears.
You came up with nana and granddad, when we went up to clean our teeth, you was a little minx into all the cupboards and stuff 
you had your bottle with mummy, then daddy put you to bed just after 7am you went straight to sleep

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Tuesday 27th December 2016

Your auntie Kelly did very well with you last night. She kept you all night, first you slept upright on her, which helped with your breathing. Then as you felt a little better you slept in her bed next to her. 
You got up and cuddled mummy and went back to sleep for at least another half hour. You had a bottle when you woke
Granddad did breakfast and we played a little bit. You got tired very quickly so we all wrapped up warm and went for a walk down to the beach. You slept all the way and woke up at the fish restaurant on the beach, 
where we all had hot drinks as it's quite chilly. You had a snack and drink, but got very tearful and wanted mummy to carry you but it's getting very difficult now with mummy carrying squiggle.
Mummy you daddy and Kelly all went shopping 
and nana and granddad went home, we started lunch and made your bottle,
You didn't want much lunch, 
but you was happy to eat one of nana's crackers and feed nana. 
And you had a little milk
We played a few games but you tired very easily, so daddy took you for another long walk, which you slept the whole time.
We all played games with you, like ring-o-roses
Several times
  More nana more then row row row your boat  several times Dady and granddad made tunnels, which you thought was great fun   
While granddad made dinner 
Again you picked at your food, after dinner you got very upset again about not having a bath.
So it was back to playing.
You sat playing tea sets, and your monkey, we raced the reindeer and Santas.
You sat for ages watching a Santa video with granddad
 You watched the video so many time
 When it finishes, they all say bravo and the last time you watched it you shouted Bravo too we were all amazed and started clapping you daddy finally put you to bed at 7.30 and you went straight to dleep