Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Trip to see Santa


The day starts as usual with mummy tryin to defend her breakfast and you making your new sound "hum hum hum" which seems to mean I want some. 

Up dressed and ready for action you have some fun with your blocks. Mainly mummy building towers for you to knock down. 


We then popped to rhyme time at the library. You can now do actions for wind the bobbin up and short or your shoulders you now do head shoulders knees and toes. You can't find your eyes and then end up with your hands stuck on your ears which makes it look like you don't like our singing. 


You took a short nap today and woke up in a bad mood sadly. 


Thankfully mummy had a nice afternoon out planned and took you to Watford to see Santa. As soon as we came out of the lift you saw the huge tree and said "wow mummy". We had to stay and look at it for a little while before mummy was allowed to get on with her shopping. 



After a quick wiz round to get a few bits we went to see Santa in his grotto. 


 You loved all the things they had put out for you to look at. 







You were not too sure about Santa and was gripping mummy very tightly. They asked if we wanted a photo and silly mummy tried to put you on santas lap and you screamed and cried. Lesson learnt!


Charlie wasn't that keen either. 


After we had a quick snack and then it was hometime. You had a meltdown and was screaming when out in the pram. 


We seem to be having a testing the boundaries week. Mummy is trying her best to be consistent and deal with you and persist in the hope you give up and fall in!

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Chatter chatter chatterbox


What an amazing week you are having. All you want to do it talk! It's making mummy so excited she squeals every time you say something new or clever. Twice you have said the number two after we have said the number one! You brought me a box of raisins and said "open"!
You can make animal noises for a sheep, snake, dog and a fish. You can say "house" for your play house. 





What makes mummy laugh is clearly she has some popular phrases she didn't realise she uses with you or says silly things and you copy. This has been the best week watching you learn and I am loving seeing you develop so quickly! 

Today we went to explorer church group. You had a lovely couple of hours playing with Tommy and Charlie. 

We came home and had lunch and you didn't want to nap until almost 1pm today so we had plenty of time
In the playroom. This meant it was almost 3pm when you got up. 

We quickly popped to the shops and did some sticker book work. You love your stickers but trying to get them in the book and out of your mouth/off your face/ off the floor is becoming a challenge. 






As it's Wednesday daddy was home early to play! Hip hip horray!

A lovely sleep! You were unsettled going off but soon fixed that and we barely heard from you. Your understanding of how things work continues to impress me. I asked if you had a poo bum and you ran away from me. Annoyed I followed you only to find you had got the change mat out and you were lying down ready to have your bum changed. Bless you. 
You also understand clothed go in the washing machine. Mummy wasn't as please to find you had taken all the clean clothes off of the radiator and had put them in the machine. You looked proud of yourself though. 


Love the way you cross your legs in this chair!


We did some more Christmas sticker book today. Mummy doesn't want you to be scared of santa. We will see if it works. 


We then went tappy toes. I'm
Not sure you were in the mood for it today as you didn't show much interest in singing or dancing. You did a lot of wandering and helping with distribution and tidying up of props though much to Mandy's delight. 

After lunch and nap time the Boxall's came to play. The three of you played very nicely for almost two hours despite getting out every toy we have! You certainly know how to make a mess. 



For dinner we had a curry. A very mild one as mummy can't eat spicy food at the moment. You loved the popadom. You were less than impressed with the curry. I don't think you liked the rice. I managed to get you to eat all the chicken and mushroom. 


Daddy was out with work tonight so it was just you and me. You seemed quite desperate to get in your bath tonight!


By the time you were out it was time for milk and bed. Sleep well x 

Wow good sleeping! It's 630am and you are still asleep. Happy Friday mummy! Daddy just wishes you could do this tomorrow and not wake up at 5am! 

You were full of beans after your epic sleep and wanted every single toy out that mummy had tidied away. You only had about ten minutes to play before we went out but did a great job of making a mess. 





We went to dolphina and you had a lovely time. We met Ellie and beca there and had a quick drink after. 


When we got home mummy discovered you can now open the washing machine when it's locked. You were desperate to help unload it.  



After lunch ( you did not stop eating!) and a short nap we had a trip to Waitrose. You in your new hat and scarf mummy had made you. 



Hoorah daddy made it home by 530!  Time for you to show him your Christmas book and say "santa" to daddy!


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Polly parrot


Daddy had you in bed with him for most of Saturday night as the storm was so bad. despite so little sleep you seemed ok in the morning. We tided up. Did two loads of washing for nana and left it all to dry. 


You were very happy when hetty came put so we could hoover up and gave her a kiss! 
When we finished each room all we got was "more more". Lucky for you nanas house has lots of rooms to hoover!


You slept al the way home and despite the windy weather we made it back safe. You had some fun doing your magic painting book with daddy. 


After a better sleep at home we were up at 7!  Daddy ha Monday off so he is here to come out with us today!


Mummy is now 15 weeks pregnant and she's certainly got a bump now!



We went to full of beans our music and dance class. Daddy loved the way after each prop is used you help pack it all away. Lisa the teacher spends her whole time thanking you and you say "good girl" to yourself and give yourself a clap!

After your nap we went to dolphina and Charlie and dawn met us there too! You guys had great fun running up and down the trampolines. 




Mummy was in a bad mood when we got in as she managed to reverse the car into the wall - she was so angry as she didn't hear the bleepers and was relying on them - it was clearly too low and now the bumper has a lovely dent in it. Grrrr!

Wowza. Monday night was an even better nights sleep! You slept 7-615 without a peep! Thank you! 
Sadly daddy has to go work again now as he only had Monday off. 

Mummy woke up to los of lovely photos of sienna nana Williams and grandad and a video of sienna and Sara waving them off as they set sail again. It made mummy miss them all lots. 


Grandad said he is missing seeing you and asked for a picture so mummy said say cheese for grandad and this is the lovely picture we got. 


From the moment you work up today you were copying so many words today! If i said "let's go and find our coats and put them on" you would say "coat on". It wa so clear most of the time unless I tried to get you to repeat it. This carried on all day and even dawn was surprised to hear so many words tumbling out of your mouth. We even had a proper "thanks"!  


Whilst dawn and Charlie were here the autoglass man came to fix the windscreen that got chipped on Saturday on our way back from ashford. He's has made it safe but annoyingly there is nothing he can do about the air bubble it made underneath and he said no point touching the smaller chip from the rebound as it might crack and we would need a whole new windscreen. Mummy was not best happy with that answer but had to accept it was all he could do. 

After dinner you decided you had to feed yourself the yoghurt. It wasn't a complete success. 



But you did get some in your mouth!

Sleep well ( please! ) and I look forward to hearing lots more new words tomorrow. 

Love u! X mummy x