Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A trip to nana and grandads

We had such a lovely week with nana and grandad. Mummy got lots of rest which was amazing and you had the best time ever playing with nana and grandad! We had a little trip out each day and you were very good all week! 
































Hope and having extra long cuddles with daddy to make up for a week without him!



And then look who turned up!


Your happy smiley face says it all!


Saturday, 22 October 2016

16 months old


16 months old where did the time go???

Tuesday we went to little explorers. You had great fun playing in the kitchen until you tripped over and smashed you face. You have a lovely bruise on your cheek. 


Wednesday we went to little explorers and the creation station was there. You loved getting messy with all the paint!

They painted your toes which you were happy to let them do 


And printed them to make caterpillars. You were supposed to do one but you kept saying "more more more" and as you were so cute they let you do three. 


Thursday we went to tappy toes. You love all the dancing!


Boo! Is your favourite game at the moment. You keep popping up and saying it and we over react scared and you roar with laughter. 


Kelly sent you a pumpkin hat. You let me put it on when we go out and it does seem to stay on. 



How can you push a car and Charlie who is heavier than you???


We got you some cute new slippers so you stop sliding in your socks. 


Kelly made you some cat ears to go with your Halloween cat outfit. You won't keep them on sadly. I was quick enough to catch this one picture. 




We went to a creation station party. You got to decorate a box and a mask. You loved it to start with but by the end you were struggling to sit still and focus. 




Mummy was very tired today so daddy took you to the park and supermarket whilemummy had a rest. Good old dada!


Your naps have been erratic this week and have ranged from 20 minutes to 2 hours! Evening have been hard work as you have been so tired we have had to stop giving you milk until after the bath as you were asleep after milk almost and then didn't want your baths. 

Seems to be working a little better but with all the physical activity you are now doing I think you need more day sleep but you refuse.