Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday 29th August - dancing queen

This is grandads happy face. You had him up dressed and ready to start the day by 650am!

He told you that the garden was closed until after breakfast. You had him out there not long after!

You had lots of kisses for Sara and William as you facetimed them. 

Kisses for nana Joan! You were not too sure about Roy today!

We took a trip to the park. The band were playing on the bandstand. You loved dancing with nana. 

Sunday 28th August - trip to nanas

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Saturday 27th August - Kelly day!

You woke up a couple of times in the night but didn't finally get in bed with mummy and daddy until 550am and then slept until almost 7!
You woke in an amazing mood and you were over the moon to see aunty Kelly was still here!

Kelly made you a paper aeroplane and kept throwing it. You kept collecting it and returning it to her indicating you wanted it thrown again and again and again!

Daddy and you then set off in a nap walk and mummy and Kelly drove to Watford. We met in the cafe in the park and you were still asleep so mummy and Kelly had a drink and as we were about to swap place you woke up. Kelly had bought you the ball we lost in Thailand. You were so happy to see it again!

You showed Kelly all round the new park. 

Then daddy put you in the bjorn for the walk into Watford. You were so happy to be able to see everything!

We had some lunch in Watford  

Friday, 26 August 2016

Friday 26th August - don't sit down for 5 mins day!

Not sure what you were doing here but you spent ages stick piling anything you could crawl to and fro with. 

Mummy had a bath which you weren't happy about as you weren't allowed in "up up up"

Whilst mummy was getting dressed you worked out how to open the wardrobe from underneath and managed to remove a few belts which you dragged about for a while. 

You also climbed up onto my cube behind me when I was brushing my hair it was hard to grab you and stop you falling off. You clamber up everything so quickly it's hard to keep up. 

Once ready we headed to the park to see our buddies. 

Mummy then drive you to the aquadrome for a walk and a nap. 

Jacqui Erin and Rebecca then met us for a picnic. They had to leave at 1230 so we popped home and then Carly invited us over to go play. 

Not long after we arrived Charlie and dawn joined us all. You and Charlie had a lovely time playing in the paddling pool. Jake seemed a bit put out two girls were in his pool so sat on his own. 

When we went in Carly put a bowl of fruit down for a snack. You loved it. 

So much so you kept grabbing the bowl to have it all yourself! 

You took a nap on the way home and daddy was then ready to play. We made you some dinner. You loved your corn!

After dinner your best mate aunty Kelly arrived. You went straight to her but you were in a funny mood. 

After lots of cuddles and some stories it was time for bath and bed. You took a while to settle.