Sunday, 31 July 2016

Sunday 31st July - new car day

A good night! Having only needed one assisted settle you made it to 545am before daddy had to help you go back to sleep. You had a nap with daddy and then woke up at 7am. What a treat!

We played fake baking! When we facetimed Sienna she said we should fake bake a chocolate cake with chocolate chips in it!

You watch some tv for all of two minutes. 

You did your nap in your cot. We did gradual retreat again. It took about 15 minutes but you did eventually put yourself to sleep. 

After your nap we got you dressed and headed off to the garage. 

Mummy test drove the new car. She liked it much more as a petrol car! Deal done!

We went into Watford for a celebratory nandos. You were most pleased!

Once back from Watford daddy did your second nap in the cot. It took you about 7 minutes! Getting so much better clever girl. Mummy did a quick food shop. 

We then rewarded you with a trip to the swings. 

We bumped into Annette and Rosie on the way over. They joined us for a quick swing 

And a seesaw

Then a quick cuppa at the kitchen. 

Home just in time to put the washing away and cook the dinner. You gobbled up every bit of lamb and enjoyed your corn on the cob!

Was soon time for a quick play then bed. 

You clever clever little girl! You managed to put yourself to sleep with no help at all tonight. Daddy had a quick chat and cuddle and put you down in the cot. You cried and banged your feet for two minutes and then you were asleep. 

Another busy day for you and us but a lovely day all spent together!

Love you gorgeous girl! X X X 

Friday, 29 July 2016

Saturday 30th July- going home

You had a little better nights sleep Time to wake granddad
We all had breakfast

Playtime before nap
Mummy drove auntie Kelly home
But they left me with the snack bag while they unpacked some shopping
We walked up to Bromley town centre
Where Carys got measured for some new shoes
Showing off  the new shoes
We meet Lesley, Rosie and Edward for a drink
At next nap time mummy drives home
Auntie Kelly sent me the music we have been dancing to, thanks auntie Kelly 
And home to playtime with Daddy
Bath time with Daddy

Friday 29th July - a busy night

A few moans and groans but you put yourself back to sleep, that was until 10.30am then I got you back to sleep but you seem to wake every 15 mins.
At midnight I thought that maybe you would sleep in with me.
But nana was so wrong, it was like someone had given you caffeine and wound you up, you were up and down the bed, climbing over the pillows and covers and giggle.
This was not a game, after 45mins tired nana was not amused and told you you were going back in your cot,
You cried a little and after 5 mins of tears nana sat and gave you a cuddle and just stroked your head. It was like someone had turned the off button, you went into a deep sleep.  And slept until 5.15am again you were not really awake and cuddled into me, we went to Nana's bed and you slept for over an hour.
You seemed a little disorientated this morning, granddad came in at 6.30 because he heard you and asked if you  had drink you milk. I told him it needed making, so he went off to make it and you burst into tears. You gave him lots of cuddles while nana went to make your milk, you were snuggled into granddad, so Kelly now up made the tea.
I changed your bottom and you had a pee on the potty first
You drank about 100mls of your milk for granddad.
Then we face timed Sara William and sienna, William loved saying hello to you, and you surprised auntie Sara by saying hello, up and Kelly 
It was time for nana to get washed and dressed, you found my car keys and played in the mirror as I did so
We all had our breakfast, nana and granddad had kippers, you had a strawberry porridge. 
We face timed mummy before getting ready to leave.
Granddad made up a bottle and packed up the buggy, we put you in and granddad Kelly and I all set off downhill to the canal, you were asleep before we reached the end of the road
We walked along the canal
Granddad and Kelly went to Truleys for Kelly's breakfast,
but as you were still asleep nana walked you on
And on
And on
Because you slept on
It was almost an hour so I walked you to Truleys for my cup of tea, it was 15mins later that you woke up and auntie Kelly gave you your bottle
You had a snack as we sat and waited for mummy
Mummy arrived
and received lots 
And lots of cuddles
Mummy and Kelly drove back to Nana's and nana and granddad walked you in the buggy back up the hill. Poor nana and granddad were exhausted.
Mummy played until granddad had your lunch ready
He cooked fish potatoes and veg, but most of it landed on the floor, you saw granddad making mummy's salad and decided that is what you wanted.
Tomatoes, cucumber avocado and radish 
Mummy played with you while nana and granddad tidied up
Auntie Kelly stayed for a rest but at 2.15pm mummy drove you nana and granddad to sandgate and we walked through Folkestone leas to get you to have a nap, it was such a lovely afternoon, and it didn't take you long to get to sleep, as we walked along nana pushed the buggy and mummy tried to convince granddad how much fun catching Pokemons are!, apparently they were at the Leas.
You woke after 40 mins and we stopped at the mermaid cafe for a cup of tea
It was so warm mummy had to put your sun hat
and sun cream on!
Mummy started your bottle and granddad helped you finish
Bottle and tea drunk it was time to walk back to the car.
We got back at and granddad started the dinner
You practiced taking a few steps
Again we took it in turns, playing with you
Just after granddad gave you beans
And little sausages on toast, you ate most of it and enjoyed it
After tea little miss mischief, you frightened everyone including yourself, by getting behind the sofa and getting stuck.
Kelly brightened you up by playing Disney songs and we took it in turns dancing to them with you
Granddad's favourite "bear necessities "
Mummy took you for a walk around the garden after you had some of your night bottle
Then gave you a bath
When bath time finished it was time to get you dried off and ready for bed, to which you objected to, nana had to distract you so mummy could finish dressing you.
Mummy took you up to bed, you had the rest of your bottle, and you went straight to sleep 
And so our two nights looking after you are over and mummy takes you home tomorrow, on the whole I'd say we all did pretty good for our first time!
Love you loads and toads 
Nana xx