Thursday, 30 June 2016

Friday 1st July - End of week 2

A little better night for Carys, when you woke at least after a little comforting you went back down in your cot for a couple of hours. Raining today!
Nana woke up with sore tickly throat and cough, wonder where I got that from. And a big fat lip, not so nice either.
Nana got up at daddy had gone and we played while mummy got dressed and we waved her goodbye
Who knew a box could be so much fun, you are so chatty now
I keep filling it up and you empty it then you fill it up and empty it again
Auntie Kelly face timed
We had a long chat,
Then granddad face timed
And William
So popular today
Sienna chose your outfit and watched me get you dressed, both of you chatting 
She chose your zebra dress, 
It stopped raining, so we said goodbye, made up your bottle and got ready to go out
We left just after 9am and you went to sleep about 9.35 we walked across Croxley common and nearly back it started to rain, as I stopped to put the rain cover on you woke, didn't know if it was the rain or the rustle of the plastic, nana annoyed as it only lasted five minutes but I didn't want you wet
So you only had about 40 mins.
As it stopped raining and we were right by the Kitchen, Nana thought she would stop and have a coffe made for her while you had your bottle 
You drank it all and had a bread stick while nana had her drink
On the way home we had some very red faces, so it was a quick dirty nappy change as soon as we got in
We played until lunch time
You played in your car while I cooked your lunch
But oh dear another bottom change
I am offended, either you don't like Nana's cooking or you just weren't hungry because most of it ended up on the floor
We played the in and out of the box game
But you had enough of that game and was on the move for more mischief 
And quickly found it
I'm sure there's something in here
It got to 2pm and the sun came out, so nana sent mummy a message to pick us up at the Aquadrome, I made up your bottle, packed up the buggy and started out down the canal towards the Aquadrome 
And at 2.20pm you were asleep
We got to the Aquadrome just after and you were sound asleep so I walked you around the lake, I only got half way and I got caught in a short sharp shower, luckily after this morning as soon as you were asleep I put the rain cover on, you were nice and dry, I was a little damp! And hot footed to the park cafe.
I had to wake you as it was now nearly 3.30pm, I ordered my tea and we sat and I gave you your bottle, which you drank straight down. I then gave you a bread stick as we sat and waited for mummy. Mummy phoned to say that she didn't have the car seat and would take her just as long to get to us as it would to walk back.
So nana dashed to the loo strapped you to the changing table and sang songs to you as I used the loo!
We then started our marathon walk back!
After we got half way back you were a little irritated about being in the buggy again. So Nana sang songs and clapped hands all the rest of the way back, nana was exhausted by the time we got in, you were very pleased to see mummy, she already had a cup of tea waiting for me.
We were only in 20 mins and mummy took us for a treat to the Harvester
You were very picky and a lot landed on the floor
We got home and I quickly made your bottle and mummy got the dirty nappy. Don't know where the day has gone because all too soon it was bath time and daddy arrived home to help with your bath and then bed
Well little one we have survived another week... Just xxxx

Thursday 30th June, a little better day

After trying for 2hrs last mummy finally got you to sleep, but it was short lived and you were awake an hour later, the night just went from bad to worse, you could not even sleep on daddy, your little cries sounded desperate, mummy gave you some more medicine in the night but you spat a lot of that back.
By the morning mummy was exhausted and tired and called in sick.
Mummy told nana to go back to sleep at 7am and said we would take you in shifts today. Nana got up at 7.45am showered and dressed and came down for breakfast
You copied everything I did 
You was a good girl and ate your porridge for mummy, and managed some smiles when we face timed granddad
We got you dressed and I took you for a walk and mummy went back to bed. We left at 9am
And you went to sleep at 9.15am I walked you across Croxley common and back
and you were awake by 9.50. We got back just after 10am and mummy was napping so we crept in.
Your milk was still hot when we got back so we played 15mins for it to cool down
You crawled straight over to the cow and sheep and brought it back to nana and said mmmmmmmmmm, sure that means moo.
You assumed the poo position, New game, when changing your nappy, you now put a hand through between your legs, trying to feel what's there, so I have to hold not only two ankles but a hand as well, and if you are holding something to amuse you while this is being done that gets lobbed at the nappy too, feel like I need to be an octopus for nappy change now.
Gave you your bottle and you left about 50ml
Mummy got up just before and you were very helpful tidying up 
And cleaning
Then we played while mummy showered and dressed
And mummy cooked your lunch, you didn't eat very much and played with most of it.
I got the washing in while mummy packed up your buggy.
1pm Mummy you and I then went for a walk to  Morrisons, we did some shopping and you went to sleep on the way home, mummy sat in the garden with you until you woke up at 2.25
I made your bottle and you helped mummy unpack
Mummy had a treat with her cup of tea
And of course you had to share
Mummy gave you your bottle but you only took about 80ml, we started play and you were looking for mischief 
You started to get a bit tetchy so mummy got on the floor to play
You kept pulling her hair, but then gave her some love
Mummy cooked you 2 pieces of fish made a cheese sauce and cauliflower and broccoli, you loved it and ate every bit
We played Tea Sets while mummy tidied up
We read stories until bath time.
Mummy and I started your bath, but daddy arrived home and he helped mummy, they gave you your bath together and got you ready for bed.
You only had about 50ml of milk and went out like a light. Hope you have a better night little one