Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bank holiday Monday trip to Kent

We were up early frantically packing. You were trying to help??

All ready for our road trip 

You slept all the way - look who we bumped into! Aunty Kelly was in the head corn tea shop waiting for you. 

We then went to see nana ruby. She was so happy to see you. 

We had some lunch and then took you to the playground. 

Back in the car you had another nap on the way to nanas. 

She let you open a birthday present et or two early. You loved playing with the paper. 

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Sunday in the neighbourhood

Morning trouble. You were up on and off from 3am. Daddy ended up cuddling you so that you and mummy could sleep. Daddy gave you to mummy at 615am for a feed and then you were off and wanted to get up so we let daddy sleep. The only word you then said for the next hour was dad dad dad dada dad. 

We tried you on a cup of decaf tea today. You seemed to enjoy it. 

Due to napping issues we are having mummy took you for a walk. Half an hour later you were still chatting. 

Then finally you gave up. 

You were happy playing in your jumperoo

And we're very pleased to see aunty Jacqui! You two had a great time laughing and giggling together! She said her face hurt when she left from smiling and giggling with you so much!

She stayed for lunch  and then daddy took you for another walk for a nap. You returned at 3 and took a bottle of milk. This is the second feed we are now trying to cut out. You took 100ml for mummy which is good. 

We then took a. Walk to the kitchen for tea and cake. Linda had a cuddle and a chat with you and you had a great time. Jacqui left when we returned so we could pack. 

After dinner you were a little messy so mummy stripped your leggings off. You spent ages looking down your top to see your nappy. 

Having worn them for almost a year it was as if you discovered you wear nappies. 

Daddy then took you up for your bath. 

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Saturday at the farm

Mummy went for an early run and daddy tried to get you to nap whilst mummy went out to do the food shop. You were not happy about the napping and put up quite a fight. 

After some playing and an early lunch we took you to langleybury farm round the corner. Your little legs went crazy and you seemed to enjoy all the animals. 

Even the very noisy pigs

You fell asleep in the car on the way back so mummy left you in the car with daddy. You decided on another long nap - so much so mummy had to bring daddy refreshments!

Mummy gave you some milk then daddy took you to the swings whilst mummy dos the ironing. 

You then had a nice stroll along the canal to get home. 

Friday, 27 May 2016

Daddy Day Care

So today was the big day, the first day of just Carys and daddy!

Daddies work lets him have time off to look after you whilst mummy goes to work - which means lots of Daddy and Carys time. 

So I'll be writing the blog for the next couple of weeks. 

Mummy fed you at your normal time of 5, before slipping out of the room to leave you with daddy. Thankfully you slept for another hour and then we got to see mummy before she went to work. 

She was very sad to leave you, and wanted lots of pictures all day. Here's the first one....

After a bit of playing it was time for breakfast. You'd not been too keen on it the last couple of days, but thankfully ate it all for daddy. 

A bit more playing and then you went down for a nap - that was easy! Who says day care is so hard?

Unfortunately I thinking spoke too soon. After you woke it was time for your bottle..... 

And you didn't want it. 

25 minutes to do 60ml, mummy thinks you were just being a monkey. Have to see how that goes. 

You played in the cot whilst I tidied some clothes

And then decided what you should wear. We went for this lovely outfit from auntie Kelly. 

Very nice, but the hat was a little big. 

Time for a trip to the aquadrome, all loaded in the pram. 

Once we got there we both had lunch. You loved your cheese and which and sweet potatoes. 

And then a trip to the swings,

And a play on the new picnic mat. 

Before heading home - after all that playing you went out like a light. 

You didn't wake up in a great mood, and the next hour or so you weren't very happy - lots of cuddles and singing but it wasn't doing much until......

Mummy's home!

Big kiss...

You were a lot happier when we were all together. Milk, then playing, then dinner and finally a bath...

And that was our first day. Really enjoyable, but so much to think about and plan - and you are always a bit of a monkey!

Mummy is now off with us for 9 whole days before it's back to 1 on 1 time with Carys and Daddy, when the real work begins!

Love you sweetie. 


Thursday, 26 May 2016

Thursday last mummy only day for a while

Morning beautiful. Good sleeping 8-5 we didn't hear from you! We all had our best happy faces on this morning!

After another morning of I don't want your cereals mummy gave you toast which you stuffed down so quick mummy was sure you had hidden bits but no all gone. You clearly just want to feed yourself. 

Also another day of I don't want to nap. Mummy put you down and hung out the washing and returned to find you sat bolt upright crying. Eventually after a cuddle you went off but again only managed 20 mins. 

You had your milk and a snack and then mummy packed everything up for a trip to Watford to get some bits and pieces we needed. 

We had lunch at nandos which you enjoyed!

We left as you were getting tired and you fell asleep in the car so mummy ended up sat on the drive with you until 330 when mummy had to wake you - this was an epic nap for you and we had lots to do. 

Once in mummy gave you a quick feed. We sorted the washing and cooked the dinner. It was soon time for bath and bed. 

Daddy came home and said you told him to buy this for mummy. It's a silver locket with a picture of us in so I have you with me always.