Friday, 8 April 2016

It's Friday!

Up napped dressed and ready to go we went and met Hermione and Mark. We had a lovely walk and a cup of tea. 

You were enjoying the swans although mummy did back away with you at one point as they were a bit over friendly expecting food!

We then went to the supermarket and bought lunch and some yoghurt. It was a coconut yoghurt which mummy enjoyed her half ( you kept moaning when I wouldn't share).  Daddy made the mistake of eating his in front of you and had to share his yoghurt too. 

You had a lovely jump in the jumperoo

Then we met Ali and Ellie at the kitchen for a cup of tea. You two were a bit vicious with each other and toys! Ellie grabbed a handful of hair so you poked her in the eye and grabbed a fist full of skin under her chin. We separated you pretty quick. 

Lovely Bathtime with daddy and all set for a good nights sleep. 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Thursday two trips out

From the minute you hit the floor you were into everything today. Forst the cookbooks. 

Then you wanted the iron. 

We had a few rounds of row row the boat 
Then headed to Marlow to meet mummy's friend Emma. We saw some swings on the way so stopped by for 2 mins. 
You didn't seem very fussed about them
Today. Normally you love them. 

Throughout coffee you were a wiggly eel. 
I put you in a high chair and you threw your head forward and bumped it. I thought that's ok she won't do again and the immediately you did it again twice as hard and cried. 

Thankfully the little bump went down. 
You had a sleep on the way back to Croxley had some lunch then we went to see the boxalls. You had a lovely time playing - I barely heard a peep out of you. 

We came home and you had an extra long sleep which meant you were wide awake when it was bedtime so you stayed up a little longer and daddy got to see you and do Bathtime. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Wednesday with two nanas

Beep beep. There is a new driver in town! 
Mummy got this second hand for you last night daddy collected it. You are not too sure yet but I think you will learn to love it. 

Daddy making silly faces entertains you. 

We decided to go shopping and meet up with nana and nana Joan. You were very happy to see nana!

Nana Joan wanted a cuddle but you were a slippery little eel!

You didn't want much lunch and were a fidget at the table. Nana helped mummy so she could eat her lunch. 

We got home at 3pm and daddy was here as he is working from home. 
You had slept the whole way back but was inconsolable for the next hour so we gave you some medicine. You seemed much happier then. 

Suddenly you were back on the go and into everything you shouldn't be. My poor shoes go a chewing. 

Mummy then followed you round the room saying no a lot!

Tuesday with nct babies

Wow what good sleep. Mummy didn't have to feed you until 4am. Put you back to bed and you slept until nearly 8am!  Can you do that again???

You are into everything. Especially things that are not to be touched! 

After your epic sleep you only had a quick nap on mummy. 
At midday we met dawn and Charlie by the lock and walked to the aquadrome to meet all the other mums and babies. 
We had lunch ( well mummy fought you to eat hers ) you do not want to sit still now you are on the move. 

We had a lovely walk around them walked to dawns for a quick drink as it was hot in the sun. 

You and Charlie had fun out of your confinement ( the pram - in fairness you spent about 3 hours in there in total ). 

We then had a quick trip to the swings. 

We then came home as it was dinner time. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Mummy and me Monday

You had such a good sleep last night. No help needed from mummy and daddy from 7pm -1am. Daddy resettled you and it was 330am before mummy had to feed you. It clearly did you good as you woke up all smiles!

You took my finger and put it in your mouth - it was like you wanted me to know how your sharp tooth was feeling. 

You commando crawled around the whole kitchen chasing this apple and seemed to enjoy it. 

A quick face time hat with nana and again you were all smiles. You were in such a good mood!

We played all morning and then in the afternoon we took a walk and you had a nap. 

I spent the rest of the day saying no don't touch. Think we need to invest in some baby proofing and a baby jail!

Everything is treasure to you. Wherever you are you see to find something. 

Your favourite time of day! ( apart from when eating!)

Bath time with rubber ducky!

Sunny Sunday

Today we got up and went to church. Everyone loves chatting to you and saying hello. 

The quick lunch and we walked to the aquadrome. You had a lovely nap. 

We had a cup to tea with dawn, Steve and Charlie. 

Then wakes home. Mummy and daddy he achy legs when they got in!

You enjoyed seeing the geese again. 

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Sizzling Saturday

Hooray the sun has got his hat on!

You have a commando crawl going on. Suddenly you were a third of the way across the carpet. You will soon be crawling properly!

Mummy went for a run

You had a nap. Mummy made a post run smoothie. You cried until I made you one. 

You loved it and drank it all. 

All dressed and ready to go we left for Watford to get a few holiday bits and pieces. 

We got you a new bag for the aeroplane. You chose this one. 

Mummy had lunch and daddy took you for a walk and you slept. 

And slept and slept - for 2 hours!!!

Mummy and daddy traded places and kept you walking. 

Daddy then pushed you to tesco as we didn't want to wake you and mummy drove the car down. 

After food shopping we came home it was getting close to dinner time. We played and fed you and all too quick it was bedtime for you little lady.