Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Wednesday walk

Slightly better mood today than yesterday. Not much. You were very tired after a bad nights sleep. 
I put you in your dressing gown today you seemed confused. 

After breakfast and some mummy milk you fell fast asleep and stayed that way for 90 mins. Lucky mummy had some tv programmes saved to watch. 

Up dressed and having a snack. 

And a jump of course. 
I put the eggs away and you got the egg box and thought it was the best thing you had ever seen. Why I waste money on toys I don't know!

Kicking it was also fun. 

We then went for a walk with Ali and Ellie. You fell asleep and Ellie played on the swings. 

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tuesday daddy still on holiday!

So Tuesday started mostly how Monday he gone. Not a happy bunny!

This might be why!

I let you choose your outfit today. You chose this lovely outfit nana knitted you at the weekend. 

Mummy went for a run and you stayed home with daddy. 

In the afternoon mummy had a hospital appointment so you went for a walk with daddy. 

Stopping in your walk for a snack and a selfie. 

You didn't want your dinner and screamed. Eventually after some calpol you ate a little scrambled egg. You were not in a good mood and we had lots of tears. 
Hope you sleep well tonight!

Moany Monday

Having survived the storm at nanas house we left early as you were poorly still and were very tired. You were asleep before the end of nanas road. 

We stopped for petrol and you can see how high the waves were. This was after it had calmed down too!

You weren't very happy for the rest of the day as you were full of cold hence the lack of pictures. You weren't in the mood for posing. 

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Sunday

You decided to help Aunty Kelly out with her breakfast. 

A second try in the hot tub proved more successful. You were much happier. 

Afterwards you played with grandad. 

Then mummy and nana gave you a hair cut as your fringe was in your eyes. 

It was very difficult as you kept moving 

We got there in the end 

At least you can see now 

Snotty Saturday

So grandad started a new game it's called catch the water. You love it accept you end up soaked. 

You want to try everything we all have - even grapefruit. 

You weren't sure!

We tried you in the hot tub with the temperature turned down but you weren't sure - you were very tired though bless you. We will try again tomorrow 

not so good Friday

We had a rough night. You were very unsettled. You spent the last two hours sleeping on daddy. 

At 9am we packed up and tripped off to Canterbury. We had a lovely walk through the park in the sunshine. 

Once nana and grandad arrived we had a quick cup of coffee and did some more shopping. 

You were full of cold and although you were not moaning and were being good we could see you were struggling so we abandoned our plans and came back to nanas. You slept all the way back. 

Once home you had fun with Aunty Kelly first you did a poonami on her - she can't cope with that so reinforcements were required. 

Then you had fun getting all your toys out of the bag. 

Daddy put you down for a nap at 330. You woke up feeling very sorry for yourself and we had lots of tears for the next hour. 

We fed you, you had a bath with mummy and then put you to bed. Hope you feel better tomorrow X X X 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Thursday trip to Folkestone

After a terrible start you slept reasonably well. 
You were in a good mood and happy to play. 

After a nap you were dressed and ready to be entertained. We took shifts. 

You were having a lovely nap but sadly mummy had to wake you as it was time to go out. 

We went in to Folkestone. 

Daddy and Kelly arrived just in time to say hello and have a cuddle before bed. 

Wednesday trip to Kent.

Up dressed and ready to go. 

We paid a visit to see ruby.  She was so happy to see you and you had a lovely time playing with her. 

Next stop nana and grandads. 

Mummy went for a run and you had a nap while nana pushed you along the sea front.