Saturday, 27 February 2016

Saturday/Sunday sick Carys

You woke up at 2am burning hot so we took your temperature. It was 37.7 and you were so toasty so we gave you some calpol and mummy fed you and we put you back to sleep. 
We heard you on and off until 6am. We took your temperature again and you were still feverish. Mummy fed you again and we got up at 7. Aunty Kelly had come to see you last night. You managed a half smile but were too poorly to be over joyed as you normally would be. 

Not your normally smiley self at all. 

Thankfully Aunty Kelly has some magic cuddles to make you feel better. Mummy has the magic milk and daddy is on the getting fresh air walk. Hopefully our team effort will have you better soon!  
Well that was the plan anyway. Sadly by 11am your temperature was 40.3 and when we rang the dr they said to take you straight to the hospital. 

We spent 6hrs in a and e where they tried to take blood and get a cannula in but it was too hard as you were so dehydrated. 

We had to let them put an ng tube into your tummy so they could give you fluids. 

You were hysterical having it put in. It made mummy very sad having to listen. Daddy held your hand whilst you tried to be brave. I did tell them to watch you as you pulled it out when little. 
We got moved onto a ward where you stayed over night with mummy. The poor baby opposite with the broken leg cried lots and woke you up a few times. 
You wouldn't sleep in the cot or on the nurses so mummy had to lie with you in a single fold up bed and try her best to get you fed and to sleep. Needless to say mummy didn't sleep at all. 
When the nurses gave up trying to get you to sleep and gave you back to mummy at midnight your tube was gone - yes you had pulled it out! 
At 5am mummy called daddy as she was very tired a CBeebies was on loudly opposite it was getting harder to keep you asleep. You only had about 4 hours of broken sleep - thankfully you managed a couple of hours on daddy. 
When the dr saw you having just woken up you were a bit more lively and smiley - the Carys we all know and love. He said we could take you home and we were all very happy. 
When we got home you needed a good sleep so daddy took you for a long walk and you slept for 90 mins which is a long time for you. You managed about 90 mins awake before another hours sleep. 
After your tea you wanted a long feed and we're ready for bed. We quickly gave you a bath and put you to bed at 630pm. Hope you feel better in the morning gorgeous girl X 

Friday freedom

Today we were well enough to break out of the house. Daddy was working from home today too. 

We went to the kitchen for a cup of tea with Dawn and Charlie. Then we had a walk whilst you babies slept. 
When we were walking home you woke up right beside the park and we let you go on the swings for the first time. You loved it. 

Thursday another day in

Mummy was a little better but still poorly so we had another day in. 
You were also a little under the weather feeding and sleeping more. 

Didn't fancy the socks I gave u then?

Friday, 26 February 2016

Wednesday flu

Mummy was very poorly today and daddy worked from home to help. We stayed in - sorry it was very boring. We spent the day mostly like this. 

Daddy played with you after work. He read you some stories which you loved. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tuesday tiny talk and sick mummy

You look very happy as we all did as you slept 7pm-330am without needing mummy or daddy. 

You were awake at 630am had a quick feed and a 5 min hello with daddy. 

You are constantly frustrated at the moment as you keep turning onto your front but you haven't worked out how to crawl. Your legs come up under you but you don't go anywhere so you start crying. 

You went down nicely for your nap. You were so wide awake I thought you would never sleep but a few moans and you put yourself to sleep without any help. You woke in a bad mood again. I'm sure you want to just take two long naps now but again you haven't worked out how to do it. 

Up dressed and off we went to tiny talk. 

You just about lasted our 30 min class but were very whiney. We walked home and mummy put you in your cot. You were asleep so quickly you were clearly very tired. 

You played nicely by yourself this afternoon which Was lucky for mummy as she wasn't well - shivery and achy. Thankfully daddy made it home for 630 and took over when you wouldn't go to sleep. 

Monday beep beep

Great sleeping. You are now sleeping through and not requiring a feed until 330/4am. If we do have to get you back to sleep its only taking a shhh and a reassuming hand on your chest for a minute and you go back off. 

After a nap we got you dressed and went to baby beeps. This is now at 11am which I thought would be better but you whined the whole way through. Nothing I did helped you sadly. 

On the way home you fell asleep so mummy ended up on an unexpected stroll around Croxley. 

Some lunch and the non stop playtime today. Mummy spent most of the afternoon on the floor with you. 

We managed to get a final nap in after being awake 3h30 a new record. I'm pretty sure you are trying to cut that final nap out. 

Sunday Jakes christening

Today was Jakes christening. You needed a nap and feeding so you stayed at home with daddy. 
Here's a picture as you missed it. 

When I returned we out you in your pretty dress to go to the reception after. 

All ready!

You had lots of fun playing with the large caterpillar!
Viaans dad nilesh also made you laugh lots. You got the giggles chatting to him. 

We came home and you were in a good mood. 

That came to an end when we made you have a nap!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Saturday run for mummy and trip to Watford.

Mummy was very pleased to not see you until 230am. You went to bed and we didn't have to see you til then! Well done! The difference a week makes!
Mummy got up and went to do a 5km park run with Dawn. It was mummy's second fastest run ever and she felt quite pleased with herself. You stayed with daddy and had a nap. 

We then got ready to go out and went to Watford to get mummy and daddy's new glasses.

We had to lower your cot today as your head was getting very near the front when you flip on your front and do push ups. 

You looked a bit annoyed with us as you can't grab the sheep on your mobile anymore. 

Another super nights sleep. Well done!

8 months old

Quiet day in Croxley today. Daddy was working from home today and you were very happy to see him! 
We picked up mummy car from the pub where she left it last night after dinner out with the other mums. 
In the afternoon we went to visit Annette Ray Rosie and Bea. 
Much better naps and sleep. We are now able to put you down awake and with minimal fuss you are putting yourself to sleep. 

Friday, 19 February 2016

Thursday afternoon at the aquadrome

You were up early enough to see daddy and after some re investment in sleep training you had a much better night. 

You modelling the new hat mummy made you. 

Wrapped up warm for a walk at the aquadrome. 

You took an afternoon nap thankfully. 

Wednesday poorly mummy

We stayed in all day as mummy was poorly 

Mummy got you a present today. You love your jumperoo!