Saturday, 30 January 2016

Snotty Saturday

Mummy is full of cold today. Despite the three feeds you had to have between midnight and 630 you did let mummy sleep in until 738am. Daddy had got up as the ocado delivery had arrived. Had it not arrived til later you might have lasted even longer. 
You were very happy to play with daddy. 

You loved your new book from Aunty Jacqui. 

You tried some rolling over again but still couldn't make it. 

After a nap we popped up to the kitchen for tea and cake and so daddy could go to the post office. 

Was soon time for nap 2 followed by lunch and mummy doing some cooking for the week ahead while you and daddy watched some rugby. 

Daddy was not impressed to change your bum twice in 5 mins. He thought he would give you a nice clean nappy then two mins later you did him a loved number 2! 

Haha change me again daddy!

Friday, 29 January 2016

Friday sleep in

Hideous night baby girl. Mummy was up comforting you 730-930 gave you some ibuprofen and by 10 you were asleep. Daddy came home at 11pm and then you slept u til 1am. Daddy had to spend over an hour cuddling you and it took 3 attempts to get you to sleep until 4am when mummy fed you for an hour. Then daddy got up at 6am and you slept until 8am. Mummy is feeling pretty tired today. You seem ok and went off for your nap nicely. Hope it's a one off bad night. 

We didn't go out today as we had housework to do. Sorry if it was boring. 

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Thursday tea

Morning sunshine

So today you have a new game - sheep catching. 
It involves grabbing the sheep off of your mobile. Nearly breaking it in the process if they don't come off. 

After your nap you kept trying to roll over so I took you downstairs to let you try with a bigger space. 

You kept getting so close but couldn't quite do it. 

You want everything I eat at the moment. After our walk where you napped we said goodbye to dawn and Charlie for an hour so we could have lunch. 
I had a pear and you were desperate to have it. 
Not sure you got much off it but you were keen to try

Dawn and Charlie then came back to knock for us to go to the kitchen as it is dawns birthday tomorrow. We dimmed the lights and she blew out a candle in her cup cake. 
Charlie and Dawn came to our house for ten mins before they headed off and everything Dawn did or said was hilarious to you - you were in fits of giggles with her. 
You and Charlie had some fun playing on your tummies. 

They went and it was time for your nap. I tried to put you down several times but you were having an epic meltdown and I couldn't console you with cuddles. You fell asleep feeding in the end. It was all I could do to calm you down. You were holding your ear and face screaming. Not sure if it's those teeth again. 

Wet Wednesday

A good nights sleep for us all - you woke so happy. See - sleep is good for you!

After your first sleep we went to see Annette, Rosie and Beatrice. You had a lovely time playing. 

We came home for another no fuss nap - well done! 

You carried on your rolling - in a very smooth fashion 
You are finally enjoying tummy time

Just chilling!

I don't know where the rest of the day went we did lots of playing and not much else got done. 

Daddy came home early and mummy went for a run with Dawn making it back just in time to feed you. 

You have some crazy hair at the moment. On top has got really long and the back is bald from all your rubbing you are always in the move front or back - I found you had done a complete 180 degree turn in your cot today!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tuesday tiny talk and a whole lot of rolling

You woke in a better mood after your nap. You were a bit grumpy before. You have started to put your arms up at me the last few days indicating pick up for a cuddle. 

We made it back from tiny talk in time for your nap. After dinner you wanted to be on your front and rolled server all times in both directions from front to back. One time you were so quick you looked like you had flipped mid air!

We had a chat on FaceTime with nana and you rolled over so quick you scared yourself and cried. 

Time in your swing with your new tag blanket mummy got you cheered you up. 

Monday, 25 January 2016

Monday madness

Good sleeping! You slept 9pm-5am. Happy days. You fed and slept a little longer - thankfully you wee awake 10 mins before daddy left so he got to see you!

We were up dressed and ready to go out by 9am ( small miracle ). 

We went to beaconsfield and met Sarah from Mummy's work. Her baby Charlotte and you were only supposed to be a week apart but you came much earlier. 
We had a coffee and chatted for an hour before heading back to Croxley for babybells. 

We had to leave sharpish as you wanted your lunch. You had napped 1130-12 so I was surprised you hung out that long. 

After quick lunch and a drink we were back out the door for weigh in. You now weight 12lb4oz. 

As soon  as we got home you wanted another nap as you had taken your second one so early. You were so tired it only took you two mins to drop off. 

Dawn and Charlie popped in while you were asleep and waited for you to wake up as the kitchen was celebrating its first birthday so we went for a cup of tea. 

We then raced home so mummy could cook your tea. You had plaice broccoli and cauliflour and ate every mouthful followed by a quarter of a mango. 

It was then time for your bath as you were so tired. 

Busy but fun day and you behaved very well as always. 

Sweet dreams X 

Sunday just the jones

Aunty Kelly had to go home sadly. 

You woke up from your nap and seemed to be looking for her. You will see her soon enough! 

You are loving playing with the material nana gave you! 

You also love playing with daddy. 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Saturday with your best pal

Look who arrived while you were asleep!

You were so happy to see Aunty Kelly! You two had fun playing all day long. We popped into Watford for some quick shopping then back for lunch. 
In the afternoon we saw sian and David briefly and then we had a play before bed.