Monday, 30 November 2015

Monday wet and windy one!

Mummy feels like she was up all night feeding you and is very tired today. 
Think this feeding schedule confirms that to be true!

At 930 you fell asleep on mummy for 90 mins

We got dressed 

After a feed we headed to baby bells. 

You loved playing with the balls that lit up and managed to pick a few up with both hands. 

We did a quick tesco shop and you slept on the way then headed home. 

Our new Christmas tree arrived in the afternoon. Mummy bought it special for you!

Worth every penny you love it and seem to be mesmerised by it. 

Sunday tired mummy!

Well all this lack of sleep doesn't seem to be affecting you - bright as a button!

We had a slow morning as mummy and daddy were tired. 

We upgraded you to the big girl part of your pram! 

Aunty Jacqui came over and helped mummy wrap presents. 

You liked this one. 

You are getting much stronger on your tummy now. 

You had a lovely time splashing in the bath with daddy. 

Saturday meet up with daddy's uni mates

You were bright enough when you woke up but still not sleeping any better. 

Nap 1 was in the sling on mummy whilst daddy went to the osteopath. 

After we drove to reading to see the hoppers and the heads. 
Mummy tried to feed you when we arrived but you fell back to sleep. 

Eleri was very interested to see the baby!

Kat, Lauren and Chris all had a cuddle. Lauren thought lifting you was like lifting air. I guess it is compared to Eleri!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Drizzly Friday

Well another rough night for us all. We were up bring and early so I decided to get the food shopping done sooner rather than later and we tripped off to morrisons. We were out of the house walking in the rain by 815am. Think mummy needed the fresh air to stay awake! 

We found nain and del in the cafe and had a quick chat with them. You had a nice cuddle with your nain for all of two minutes. You really don't like to sit still!
We walked back in more drizzling rain and chilled out at home. 
When we got back there was a parcel from aunty Kelly. 

Wow! She is clever. You have some little red booties too! 
We then had a long walk and a trip to the kitchen with Dawn and Charlie before heading off to the doctor for a check up. 
The doctor was concerned and told mummy you are not gaining wait quick enough again. She wouldn't listen to mummy when she said she didn't want to formula feed you. She said to weigh you and come back if no improvement. Mummy is going to try to feed you even more and have you weighed in 10 days and see where we go from there. 
Daddy was home nice and early and had some lovely chats with you. 
You are making some lovely cute gurgly noises. 

Mummy got you an amber anklet as that is supposed to help with teething pain. 
Hope it helps!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Family day

Well we got you back to sleep in your cot just before 2am and you slept until 415 am. Mummy fed you and you went back to sleep until 530am. Not great but some progress. 

Grandad was up nice and early to play with you at 7am even if you were a bit grumpy to start with you soon picked up once he started being silly with you!  

With some encouragement nana surfaced and was down to see you by 8am just before mummy left for the osteopath. 
She returned to find daddy had got you to sleep and nana was cuddling you to keep you napping. 

After they left mummy and you went for a walk to the shops to buy some bits for daddy's lunch. You had a quick half hour nap. 

We got back and both had some lunch - daddy finished work and went to get a haircut. 

You had some time on your playmat. Today you have worked out how to spin the mirror around. 

Mummy then took you for another walk to help get you to sleep. Clocking up 8.28km of walking today and 15,000 steps. No wonder mummy is so tired!

About 330 we got home and your nain had arrived from Wales. 

They stayed for an hour you were a bit grumpy so they left to check into their hotel and to let us try and get you to have a nap. 

Nana and grandad return

After another very unsettled night we went to the library for rhyme time with your pals. We were a bit late as you did an epic poo and went through all your clothes just as we were about to leave. 

We then headed to the kitchen for a quick drink as its mums and babies morning. 

You and your pals did some good sitting and chatting. 

You decided you might like to eat Charlie's hand rather than your own for a change. 

We had to leave quite quick as nana and grandads flight was getting in and it was an hour early. 

They were happy to see you and had a lovely time playing with you. 

To keep everyone awake we took a trip into Watford - you loved all the lights. 

We got back at 430. Poor nana was struggling with her jet lag and had to go to bed. Grandad settled for dozing on the sofa while he waited for dinner to cook. 

You fell asleep feeding and consequently woke again half an hour later and fought us until 9pm to go to bed and was awake screaming again at 1230. 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Sunny outside gloomy inside

Woke up ( I say woke we barely slept!) to this beautiful sky. 

Another terrible night for us all. Daddy was up 10-1 with you then mummy did 1-730. Was a mixture of tears feeding and catnaps. 
Needless to say we are all shattered. Daddy went off to work and mummy got up with you at 730 crying. A quick change and a feed and you seemed OK. You even managed to put something to chew on in your mouth other than your own fist. Grandad will be pleased. 

This was short lived and soon the day turned into a blend of short feeds screaming fits and sleeping on mummy. 

Struggling to keep her eyes open mummy got dressed in anticipation of a walk to freshen her up. 
Another screaming fit made it a challenge to dress and hold you. 
You then fell asleep again. 

Mummy is hoping nana and grandad fancy taking you for a nice long walk tomorrow to stretch their legs after their flight home so she can nap. Fingers crossed!
At 2pm mummy was pretty fed up of looking at the same 4 walls so we both wrapped up and went for a walk with Charlie and Dawn. 

You were asleep within 5 minutes

And slept for a long time. Mummy managed to carry you in carefully and remove some blankets so you weren't too hot and still you stayed asleep. 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The hideousness continues

So last night none of us really slept at all. You started screaming at 9pm and occasionally slept for the odd 30 minutes but other than that it was pretty continual. Nothing we tried worked. We assume you are teething from the red rash cheeks the dribbling and the increase in number 2s. 
So all day has we have been trying to rest and get you to nap and have not been able to do much else. 
Mummy went to the supermarket only to turn round and return when she saw the queue. Daddy took you for a 5 mile walk to get you to nap. 
Early night for all of us today!

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Sleep deprived Saturday.

Poor little one. Assume it's your teeth but we had a very bad night with you sobbing unless we held you. Everytime we laid you back in your cot you cried. You slept on daddy 4-645 then mummy 645-730 but kept waking and crying we gave you some calpol but it didn't seem to help. 
You got up with mummy at 730 and we left daddy in bed to get some more sleep. He was soon up checking you were ok. 
You had a long sleep on daddy woke and fed and not long after you wanted to sleep again so we put you in the pram and went out for a walk. 
It was very cold ( feels like -2oc) so we gave you lots of blankets. 
You had another very long sleep. 
At least one of us is catching up on last night!
You then managed a third sleep on daddy whilst mummy did the ironing. 
Mummy then popped out for a quick haircut. 

And made it back in time for Bathtime with you and daddy. 

We had lots of crying and screaming before bed. Hope that's not s sign of the night to come. :(

Friday, 20 November 2015

Friday 22 weeks

This morning mummy looked after you and Charlie whilst dawn went to the dentist. We had a 20 min walk and thankfully you were both really good and slept. 

You were all cosy in the bjorn!

We came home and mummy gave you your vitamins. You decided you didn't fancy them today and puked them everywhere. 

After at quick lunch for us both we went to the aquadrome where you slept for an hour and 20 minutes. 
Mummy added to her morning walk kilometres and reached 12.2km. 

After a feed when you got in we chatted to nana and grandad. You did most of the talking!