Saturday, 31 October 2015

Saturday Halloween party

You woke up from your first nap and nana and grandad arrived to take you for an hour walk for nap 2. 

Grandad was surprised how quick you went to sleep in the bjorn. 

After mummy fed you you were in a great mood and read stories and played with nana for a long time. 
Mummy got ready for our party. 

And so did you. 

You refused to nap on the way and you either fed slept or moaned for most of the party. 

Oh no Florence and you have the same outfit. 

We managed to get you all in a picture. 

We came home and you napped. Phew. Then had Bathtime with nana and daddy. 

Friday, 30 October 2015

Friday second prize!

Another night of up 1130-630am either mummy or daddy had to cuddle you or feed you if put in your cot you screamed. 
You seemed bright enough though once up after nap 1. 

Your grip is suddenly very strong and you love to cuddle pinky. 

Aunty Jacqui arrived at 11 and got us two pumpkins to carve. We were entering the kitchen ( local cake shop ) competition. 

Mummy carved this spider 

Accidentally slicing her thumb in process

Aunty Jacqui did a haunted house. 

We took you for a long walk and you had a good nap. Mummy and Jacqui had tea and cake. Oh and cuddles. 

We waited to see them all lit and the local firemen came to judge the winners

Surprise we came second!

Home for a nap tea and Bathtime with daddy. 

Rainy day trapped in

You woke up literally every hour last night and you were quite grumpy. 

We managed one nap in your cot

But I spent most of the day like this

We got a shout out on Facebook for our protesting!

Your grip and pinching and pinch twisting is coming on nicely. I have the bruises to show for it!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wednesday weird one

So the morning went like this. . . You spent it sleeping on me 

After  2 90 min naps we went for some fresh air 
You carried on with your sleeping 

Despite a lot of yawning you cried when I tried to make you sleep and given you had 4 hours of sleep already in the day I was happy to let you off. 

You then had a chat with nana. It sounded as if you were telling her all about your injections and how sorry for yourself you felt. 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tuesday injections round 3

Well you appear to have abandoned sleep in a big way. Last night I saw every hour on the clock again zzzz. 
You got up at 645am and refused more than a 20 min nap this morning despite a 90 min fight with mummy. 
You seemed happy enough so mummy gave up and decided to give you a feed then take you on a long walk. 

A 90 min walk and another 20 min nap argh!!!!
You screamed when I pulled the hood up and the sunshade down and clearly wanted to see where we were going so I let you watch the sky. 

We came home had another feed and wrapped you up for a walk in the bjorn with daddy ( this will work thought mummy you always have epic naps in the bjorn). 

We walked you through the woods but again you were too interested and another 30 min nap was all we could get out of you. 

We arrived early at the doctors. The did your injections quickly. You cried and screamed but settled much quicker. Mummy breast fed you for 10 mins and you seemed ok so we came home. 

You managed to sit in your chair and chat to us for a while but you could tell you were feeling sorry for yourself. 

You seemed to settle with mummy cuddles and needed a nap so mummy put you in the sling. 

You were sound asleep in 5 mins. 

Monday, 26 October 2015

Baby date

Well I am pretty sure I saw most hours on the clock last night at least once if not twice. Didn't seem to bother you this morning. 

Your first nap was a real fight this morning. Took nearly 40 mins to get you down! 

I won in the end!
We then got dressed 

and went and met Rosie and Ray for a coffee at cafe amici. Then we went on a walk for an hour and you and Rosie slept the whole time. 
We came home fed and played and then it was time for another nap. 

You refused and battled for 40 mins not to have your final nap and looked quite smug you had won when I gave up. 

Quick bath and it was time for your bed!

Sunday.. A day with mummy and daddy

We have had a fairly calm Sunday - still managed to squeeze lots in though! 
The change in clocks screwed all your timings up and you were up most of the early hours. Daddy did a good job cuddling you to keep you asleep!
Mummy got up with you about 7am. You were all smiles. 
Once daddy was up we went for a trip to the aquadrome and met Dawn, Steve and Charlie there. We were going to stay for lunch but it was too busy. 
You had some play time with daddy and then he took you out for another walk whilst mummy hoovered and cleaned the house quickly. 

Mummy met you both at the kitchen for tea and cake. 

We then had some mummy playtime and another nap before a bath and bed.