Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Just sleep will you!

After a hideous night of screaming 2-5 we are all quite tired today. Daddy left for work and Kelly came and cuddled you whilst mummy rested for half hour. 
We got up and you were in a surprisingly good mood. 

During Kelly's lunch hour we had a walk and lunch in cafe at the park. 

Mummy changed you and you had one of your top 5 epic meltdowns. 
In the bjorn mummy walked you round with dawn and Charlie as Kelly had to get back to work. 
Kelly took the car and mummy walked you home so you would sleep. 

It was very warm and a lovely day for last day in September!

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Tuesday Kelly comes to stay

Having slept til 2am ( 90 mins in our bed) you managed your whole bottle. 
Second sleep was shorter and you were awake crying by 430am. Mummy cuddled you back to sleep but daddy had you back cuddling you by 5am. 
Daddy gave you a bottle at 6am and you decided that wasn't enough food so mummy had to breastfeed you for 20 mins after. 
Usually you then go back to sleep. Not today! No lie in happening here!

After your 830 am feed you were in a great mood singing and chatting we both got dressed. You were really interested in the stickers on the wall in your bedroom. 
We got dressed and went for a walk to post William and Sienna's presents. Postage was almost as much as their gifts!
Then we took a walk to the library to hand in some keys we found. 
You were resisting sleep so mummy walked you down the canal. 

We got in and mummy managed to get you out of the bjorn and into your cot. 

You slept and slept. We had to go out at 110 so when you briefly stirred at 105 I quickly put you in your car seat. You cried for two mins as you were due a feed. After that you gave up and went back to sleep for 2 more hours! 

You were in a good mood after our nct class. I think you have grown out of this dress now. Was down to your ankles when we were given it! 

Monday, 28 September 2015

Sleepy baby

Well we had a better sleep from you after a struggle to put you to bed. 
Mummy got up with you at 730 and fed you and nana looked after you having a lovely cuddle whilst mummy got dressed and had some breakfast. 
Nana and grandad then had to get off. 

You were a bit fed up and wouldn't sleep. 

Mummy put you in the bjorn and we walked with dawn and Charlie to baby bells by the time we arrive you were both sound asleep. You woke up to be fed at the end of the class. 
We then went for lunch. We finished off your feed and you went back to sleep for two hours!
You woke up in a great mood!

You managed to shimmy off of your tummy time fish today. 

Bedtime was easier than yesterday but you are struggling to feed and settle initially still. 

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunday match day

So after a night of no sleep and lots of feeding mummy is pretty tired! 
Managed to throw some clothes on so we could all get out the door and have a walk at the aquadrome. 

Mission to achieve sleeping baby complete. 

Grandad cooked us all a nice roast dinner the he and daddy went off to rugby match number 2 of the weekend at Wembley - Ireland v Romania. 
Mummy fed you and you wouldn't sleep so you watched some rugby. 

Then nana and mummy took you for a walk again to get you to sleep. 

You wanted to watch more rugby. 

Saturday match day

Today  daddy and grandad are going to watch England play Wales in the rugby World Cup. Daddy is very excited!

Nana and mummy had a massage to say thank you for looking after you so they could go. 

We had a harvester for lunch and a walk down the canal after to get you to sleep. 

You wouldn't settle all night and mummy got very little sleep. 

Wales won. Daddy was very happy! 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Friday baby massage and another long walk

Today we went to our baby massage class. You seemed to enjoy it much more this time and lasted the whole session before crying. Once fed and walked home you were about to fall asleep and woke. You were very unhappy until our walk. 

We put on your new coat. Too cute! You enjoyed the sensation of fluff! You kept sucking it. 

Took a while but you eventually went to sleep after a trip round two lakes!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Let them eat cake!

So you had a terrible night last night. Not sure if it's your injections still as they said it can take 2-3days. You were so tired before bed it was hard to keep you awake to feed you but you had already missed one feed. 
You woke at 1130pm and decided to squeeze it in and make up for lost time and had a top up breast feed after your bottle. 
You took another at 330 and then you were very unsettled daddy ended up sitting up in bed cuddling you. 

You woke mummy up at 630 for more food only to then have a burst of naps until 1030. Clearly you were catching up on lost sleep. You would not sleep in your basket just on mummy though. 

You were much happier after you were fed. 

You enjoyed watching some baby tv

Until I tried to dress you!

Another nap and you were a bit calmer 

You didn't sleep long before you wanted another feed. As you have been so over tired mummy fed you put you in the bjorn and marched you over Croxley moor 

And then down the canal. 

You fell asleep after about 15 mins and slept all through our trip to Dawn and Charlie's for tea and cake. 

Once you woke up you were all smiles again. 

Then nana and grandad arrived. Mummy battled to get you to drop off and when you woke up grandad took over glory dusting convincing you to have a rest with him. 

Nana started knitting! Wonder what she is making you!