Monday, 31 August 2015

A pyjama day

After all of the excitement of the last few days we decided to have a quiet day at home. 
We had a very bad nights sleep and mummy and daddy spent most of the night cuddling you to keep you asleep. 
Mummy got up at 6am and fed you and let daddy have a rest. He had to get up at 815am as out food delivery had arrived. 
You have had some very alert waking periods today and we watched you on your tummy lift your head and turn it from left to right. 

You were in a very good mood and had lots of smiles for us. 

You have cried lots today as you have repeatedly got your self too tired. 
I managed to get you to sleep in your Moses basket. I can't believe how much you are filling it now. 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

The night after the day before

After an unsettled time of it once mummy got home and cuddled you you were fine. You went off into a very deep sleep and we only fed you at 2am as it had been nearly 6 hours since your last feed. 
You then went down for another 4 hours so we all felt much better by morning!
At 10am we went over to have breakfast with the two brides. Aunty Kat was a bit delive. 
You then headed back with daddy as aunty Nikki and your Nain were coming to visit. They enjoyed some cuddles 

then we packed up and started the long drive home. You were very good and slept all the way. 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Kat and caro get married

Well again we had another unsettled night. Up at 330am to feed then wouldn't really settle so daddy got up at 530 and stayed with you sleeping on him for 2 hours. 

Then mummy took over with cuddles and fed you. 
Aunty Kelly managed to sneak in a cuddle before going off to stack the cake. 

You thanked her with a punch to the chin!

The big day was all a little overwhelming for you and you got very over tired a few times. It was a lovely service even though you missed it as nana had to pace around with you. 

Nana and grandad looked after you whilst mummy enjoyed the party. You were very unsettled and gave poor nana and grandad a hard time. 

Friday, 28 August 2015

Taid comes to visit

Well thanks for a night of no sleep! Mummy is now feeling a little tired! You were very restless and didn't seem to want to settle most of the night. I fed you at 6am but you only wanted to feed for 15 mins. I then had to feed you again at 8am. Aunty Kelly then stepped in for a nice sleepy cuddle. 

Mummy and grandad went to market and you and daddy waited for Taid to arrive. 
He was so happy to meet you and enjoyed a cuddle. 

Aunty Kelly and nana were busy in the kitchen all day making the wedding cake. 

Once Taid and Marg left you had a play with grandad 

and a nap with daddy for two hours. 

Mummy and daddy then popped out for some pre wedding drinks and nana and grandad looked after you. 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Heading north day 2

So we are all officially cream crackered. Apparently 3 hours in the car and putting you in your carrycot to sleep the day after your immunisations meant you would only sleep if it was on me or daddy. 
Poor daddy took the worst of it as mummy had to feed you and do the driving today. Think he will be needing an afternoon nap! 
Mummy fed you and daddy played with you for a while whilst mummy pumped you some milk. 

Then we went down for some breakfast. Thankfully it was a buffet so we took it in turns to eat whilst you slept on us in the sling. 
When we got back you managed another 20 mins asleep on mummy before needing another feed. 
It turns out you are getting quite strong and the punch in my throat hurt!

Once fed you wanted to play again. Daddy got mr bumble out and pulled him and let him vibrate on your tummy. We got our first two genuine smiles from being entertained! Not just a trapped wind smile. 

We set off at about midday and arrived at our apartment at 2pm. You being cute even managed to get us a free upgrade. 

Everyone wanted to have a cuddle. Even the two brides to be found time to pop over. 

Aunty Kelly was excited to see you. She had missed cuddles. 

Grandad also gave you your first bottle today! 

Mummy and daddy were very tired so went to bed and left you in nana and grandad a capable hands. 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Heading north

Most of the morning involved you eating or sleeping. We were surprised after your injections that you actually slept quite well. 
It wasn't long before you were well enough to play with daddy. 

This was obviously quite tiring for you. 

After lunch we packed up the car. M

This is a lot of stuff for such a little person. I was worried daddy was travelling on the roof at one point! 

We set off about 2pm and headed north we arrived at the Stoke holiday inn about 1730. You clearly found the journey a bit boring and you were not shy about letting us know. Thankfully we only had to stop to feed you once. 

Tomorrow we are having a lazy morning before heading off to Manchester for aunty Kats wedding. 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Immunisation Tuesday

You seemed to shift everything about last night and did ur 4 hour sleep 1830-1030 then did 3/2.5hr sleeps. You surprised us both today being wide awake at 8am as normally you are still sleepy then. You did trick me by waking up and screaming for food and by the time I had got you downstairs you were back asleep. 

After I fed you at 8am daddy and you played on your blanket for a while. 

Not sure how u manage it Houdini but you managed to get ur foot out of the tiniest hole!
We fed you again and dressed you in this pretty little outfit with shoes aunty Kelly knitted you. 

We then headed up to the kitchen for mum and baby morning coffee and cakes. 

We then came home and fed you before taking you to the dr to get your injections done. 
You screamed and daddy cuddled you tight. At one point you held your breath and we sat waiting for you to continue. Thank fully you let out another scream and then after some more daddy cuddles  you went back to sleep. 

How did you get your toe out again? 

For the next few hours we have both cuddled you lots and although you are very sleepy you keep letting out a whimper and a cry every ten mins or so. A shhh and a "you are ok" seems to be settling you back off so far. 
You must be poorly as you have only wanted to feed for 20mins rather than your usual 45mins-hour. 
Hope you sleep it off over night and feel better tomorrow!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Monday with daddy

Well done! You seem to have worked out how to sleep longer at night. Another one where you went at least 3.5hrs before food. 

We had a lazy morning - mostly involved you feeding sleeping pooing! 
Mummy went to waitrose to get a few bits of shopping whilst you slept on daddy. 

I got back from shopping  and you were still sleepy so you slept on me too. 

We then all had a quick lunch and took you to be weighed. Hoorah! You now weigh 6lb12oz! Well done chubs!

After some tea and cake to celebrate we came home and you enjoyed some playtime with daddy. 

You have not had much awake time really today. We just fed you again and you have gone straight back to sleep. 

All this putting on weight is clearly exhausting you! Maybe you are conserving your energy ready for tomorrow. 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sunday snoozefest

After your 8pm hour breast feed and some blood curdling screaming we have you a bottle last night at 930pm and you slept all the way through to 145am. A quick bottle from me and you went back to sleep until 430am. Daddy fed you whilst mummy pumped more milk. You have wrecked both my nipples so I am having to pump all your feeds and have a break. 
You then went back off until 730am. I tried to feed you but it was too painful so gave up and you got a bottle. I'm a bit worried it's all the bottles that are confusing you and we are not going to get back on track with me feeding you but there is nothing else I can do right now. 
We saw the weather would be rubbish this afternoon so we planned to meet Dawn, Steve and Charlie for breakfast at the Aquadrome. You decided you needed to have breakfast number 2 as soon as we arrived. 

We then decided to have a walk with you in your pram. 
You had other ideas ...

You eventually fell asleep so daddy put you back in the pram half way round

You weren't very happy about it so we gave up after one lake and came home. 
You fell asleep on the way back in your car seat. 

After some moaning at home daddy got you out for a cuddle whilst mummy pumped more milk. 

Daddy fed you then you fell asleep on mummy. 

When you woke up we had some fun playing. You enjoyed laying over my leg onto your tummy!