Friday, 31 July 2015

6 Weeks old

Friday 31st July 
6 weeks old now 
You slept slept your cot 11-1am then 130-445am then 530-8am What a good girl! Only waking for feeds. 
Mummy is hoping you have realised what night time is. 
She said she can settle for cuddling you all day if this is her nighttime trade off!

Mummy and daddy took you to the Drs for your 6 week check up 
You now weigh 4lb 15oz
And still wanting lots of cuddles

Thursday, 30 July 2015

A Dawn visit

Thursday 30th July 
Mummy gave you  a bottle at 9pm then breast fed at midnight another bottle at 3am  breast fed again at 6am. You went down after 9,12,3 feeds after barely 10 mins of finishing each feed. 
Had a bit of a cuddly mummy day today
A visit to Dawn and Charlotte this afternoon 
Mummy had to even put you in the sling to be able to get about to tidy up

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

A Carys and mummy day

Wednesday 29th July 
Daddy and Auntie Kelly left for work this morning, meaning you and mummy have a fun day together todayyou have lead her a merry dance though, between crying, pooing and feeding, and some sleeping
You was not impressed about being put down when mummy needed the loo
Ahhhhhh such a picture of innocence
Enjoy theses cuddles mummy as all too quickly this time goes

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Returning home

Tuesday 28th July 
You slept with us until 1.15am, then had tummy pains, I cuddled you for just under an hour to get you through to your next feed, granddad went and did your bottle at 2am whilst I changed your nappy, you then had a bottle, I winded you for 10 minutes and you went into a deep sleep in the cot until 5.45, when I took you down to mummy to feed, you then slept, woke, and fed at 8.45, Kelly had cuddles
Granddad cuddles
Then nana cuddles, you slept on nana while everyone packed up the car, we changed you and then you had a feed
11.30, you was put in your chair and you checked out of nana and granddad's,
For Kelly to drive you back to your house
You were such a good girl all the way home, all the bad traffic had cleared and Auntie Kelly had a clear drive home
Home safe and sound 
Mummy's friend Jacqui came to visit, her and auntie Kelly gave the house a good tidy up to help mummy out so that she had no worries for tomorrow

Monday, 27 July 2015

Visit to great nana Joan

Monday 27th July
Poor little one, you couldn't settle after your last feed, and when we gave you your midnight feed of bottle that still didn't help, I walked you up and down for the next hour and a half in the upstairs lounge, you would doze for about ten minutes then bring your Knees up, a horrid wind pain, at 1.30am mummy came and got you, you fed and settled and mummy managed to get you into your mobile cot, you slept until 5am and had a marathon feed. You then slept on auntie Kelly until around 8am after your feed granddad winded you, we packed up some bits into the car and took you on a short ride to see great nana Joan, great auntie Lorraine and great granddad Roy 
Joan didn't want to give you up
We stayed an hour then left to get back for your next feed, then nana got some cuddles 
We took it in turns to have cuddle and lunch
You had another big feed, and a long wide awake time, so we introduced you to nana's toys
After a bum change you had a Kelly cuddle and nap
Nana and granddad had some playtime while mummy had her dinner
Hello Susan 
This evening you were really upset again wouldn't settle after your 9pm feed and no consoling you, we all took turns cuddling you, mummy offered you a bottle and that was no good, it was gone 11.30pm before mummy tried feeding you and that settled, you fed for over half an hour, then mummy put you down in your mobile cot in our room.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Daddy goes home

Sunday 26th July
After I gave you your bottle, we winded you whilst watching Chelsea play against Paris St Getmain in North Carolina, and saw it to the end, 0 - 0
Which then went to penalties which Chelsea won
We then took your mobile cot up with us to bed and you slept in it until gone where your tummy and gurgling mad you stir, waking up 20 minutes later, I took you down to mummy to feed you, where afterwards daddy took care of you to your next feed,
When Kelly got lots of cuddles
Daddy changed you
Groaning about your nappy
Kelly cuddled you while we had dinner, then Kelly ate while mummy fed you
After you were fed mummy Kelly and daddy all went to Folkestone, they dropped daddy at the station because he has to go to work tomorrow.
Then mummy and Kelly went shopping while granddad and I took it in turns to play with you as you were having a wide awake period
We introduced you to my toys and dolly Susan

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Joan & Roy's Diamond Anniversary

Saturday 25th July
It's your great Nana Joan and Roy's Diamond wedding anniversary, they even got a Telegram from Queen Elizabeth.
Mummy wanted to go and see them and show you off to them.
Which was a big operation, traffic has been so bad so they were going to break the journey up.
After your feed they packed up the car, like going on army manoeuvres then left
You slept all the way to great nana Ruby's house
Where you had cuddles with great nana Ruby
Your great Auntie Cheryl came to see you
And you gave her your signature high five
Ruby was delighted with you
After your feed it was back on the road again, then as you got to 2 miles from our house, you were all stuck in traffic, which mummy got a little anxious about as you were due your next feed and had enough of the car seat.
You safely arrived at nana's house just before 1pm
Mummy had her lunch and then you had your feed, then while mummy pumped you had some Kelly cuddles
You went down in your mobile cot for about half an hour but was woken up by some nappy goings on then went back to sleep on me
Next thing I know Carys everyone else is napping too
We all left at 4pm to go to Joan and Roy's, mummy stayed to feed you then daddy drove you both over afterwards.
Everyone was so pleased to see you
Kahlan declared ' it's a real baby'

Great uncle mark was in tears
Joan and mark were just enamoured of you
You was such a good girl, we all had tea and stayed s few hours before mummy brought you back to our house
Mummy fed you and daddy topped and tailed you half time. 
Mummy pumped and daddy had cuddles then they went to bed and left you to be cuddled by kelly, then kelly went to bed, granddad and I, stayed up to your next feed at 12.30