Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Mummy stays at the hospital

Tuesday 30 June 
Dawns baby
Charlotte Dawn Goldspring  arrived at 1.26am 3.5kg
Mummy and daddy arrive early so that daddy gets a cuddle before work
Although you're nice and cosy from sleeping all night
You took your whole feed from a bottle in the night feed, although mummy was a little upset about the nurse using the wrong teat
Nana and granddad did a few jobs at home for mummy then dropped off mummy's lunch, we went shopping for nappies and brought them back
We have to go home to our house for a few days and will really miss our visits over the next couple of days, mummy will send us updates
Mummy's friend Annette came to visit this afternoon and have cuddles.
You were wide awake for your 2 pm feed, nurses have told mummy she can have a room and stay the night as they are going to try demand feeding instead of every 3hrs
You managed more breast feeding today with top ups by tube, as well as taking more from the bottle.
Daddy came to see you in the evening, as he had missed you all day.
Auntie Kelly arrived at your house, excited to see you tomorrow.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Mummy flies solo

Monday 29th June 
Mummy and daddy came to visit you early today, because daddy has to go to work. Poor daddy is torn, he needs to go into work but he would rather be with you.
So they went early so daddy could spend some time with you before he goes to work
You just managed three mouthfuls of mummy's milk from a bottle. If you can take whole bottles the tube in your nose can come out!
Mummy will try with you again later!
You had a hearing test today you have to be asleep for it and you passed with flying colours
Lunch time nana and grandad picked mummy up from the hospital and brought her home for a rest.
At your 2pm feed you took 10mls of milk from the nurse.
And was asleep when mummy, mummy's friend Dawn came back to visit
When granddad and nana got there you were just stirring, nana visited after Dawn for a cuddle
Before changing you
Mummy took your temperature which was 37o
She changed your messy nappy and found your umbilical cord had dropped off too
Mummy Redressed you then sat to breast feed you and although you tried a few sips it was too much for you. So mummy tried you on a bottle
And was pleased that you managed another few mls 
Granddad's turn to change with nana for his cuddles and feed you
Before visiting time was over and we came home.
Mummy and daddy was back up the hospital later that evening as Dawn went into early labour, while mummy sat with Dawn waiting to see a midwife, daddy had an hours cuddles with you.

Personal best

Sunday 28th June
Every day you grow stronger and manage a little more.
Mummy and daddy got to the hospital for 8am, you managed to suck 31 times, mummy has been told to count and record them now, so a personal best for you, all mummy's hard work pumping every three hours to get enough milk to feed you even in the night is paying off big dividends now.
then she changed you ready for them to top you up through the tube with her milk
All cute and pretty and stretching out to greet the day
A few minutes later you filled not one, not two, but three nappies, and poor daddy was a bit shell shocked by the third because he was changing it at the time as the gas behind it shot it over your cot
And of course daddy, 
mummy and the nurses couldn't stop laughing, poor daddy.
You were weighed today and came in at 3lb 15oz
All cleaned up and a picture of innocence Then little minx you pulled the tube out of your nose, which upset mummy when you cried having it put back in, so now you have to have the mits turned over on your baby gro so you can't do it again  mummy and daddy came home for lunch,
then mummy was very tired, so daddy brought nana and granddad back for a visit, 
Daddy took your temperature, changed your nappy and you were ready to be fed
When you had your milk, daddy held you upright for a while so you could wind, then nana got to have a little cuddle
After fifteen minutes it was granddad's turn
Visiting time over and we had to leave you so you was tucked back up into your crib and we said goodnight.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Big changes

Saturday 27th June 
More changes today.
Mummy and daddy got to the hospital before 8am, now that you are in the nursery mummy and daddy have to look after you more.
Mummy tried breast feeding you, which was partially successful, you was very interested and tried very hard, but you were topped up, by mummy's milk that she had expressed earlier.
Mummy changed and dressed you and had some cuddles
Then daddy had some cuddles too
Mummy and daddy stayed until lunch time and returned at 4pm with nana and granddad.
You had been moved to squirrel nursery as there was more room,
Granddad had his cuddles first
As you are only allowed two people at a time mummy sat with granddad
And nana sat with daddy
We know it was wind but you gave some lovely smiles for ages
Then nana got to have some cuddles, nana and daddy changed over with mummy and mummy's friend Debra who came to visit and was overjoyed at the opportunity to have a hold
After Debra left granddad went to have some more cuddles.
Daddy came back with nana, daddy who had more cuddles before changing your baby gro
and wrapping you back up nice and snug
Mummy came back to say goodnight, as we left you in the care of the nurses

Friday, 26 June 2015

A week old

Friday 26th June
How can you be a week old already,
A change of routine today,  mummy and daddy come for an early visit
Nana' hat that I made for you last night fits perfect
Mummy and daddy wanted to see the Dr on rounds and get more information on your progress.
By the time nana and granddad come to visit in the after noon you are off the monitors
All you have is the tube up your nose to feed you and the one portable monitor that is attached to your tummy to alert any changes to your heart 
Granddad and I take it in turns to visit, and the nurse did offer to let me cuddle you, but you looked so comfortable and contented, that I told the nurse, you never disturb a sleeping baby unless it's necessary, 
Tonight after we have left they said they were moving you to the Hedgehog nursery.
When we got back to your house I made you another hat and finished off your cardigan
Love and god bless Carys

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Granddad gets his cuddles

Thursday 25th June
We Arrived today to find that you have been off the oxygen for over 24hours, carry on like this little miss and they will down grade you to the next room. The nurse is very impressed and said you was showing off!
If you manage a bit longer you will get a heated cot instead of an incubator and the tube down your throat comes out it will go up your nose.
Said maybe today!
Cuddles with daddy
Mummy brings you a new comforter
After changing your nappy and dressing you in some of your own clothes,
the nurses said to mummy that they were so pleased with your progress, that they were going to take the feeding tube out of your mouth and put it up your nose.
And a big and they were taking you out of the incubator and putting you into a cot, you will stay in the high dependency unit tonight , if you do well you will be transferred to the nursery.
After all that excitement you were too tired to be breast fed, so they fed you through the tube and Granddad finally got his cuddles
So much so he didn't want to give you back 
Then it was Nana's turn for a cuddle and I was quite overwhelmed as you reached for my finger, you held on and squeezed it on and off, and was quite content,
All too soon visiting time was over, mummy and daddy stayed a bit longer to see you settled in your new cot