Thursday, 31 December 2015

Tuesday shopping trip to Folkestone

Today we did some shopping in Folkestone and updated your wardrobe so we have some new clothes as you are growing so quickly. 

We got you this net and put some grapes in it. You thought it was yummy. 

Thursday time without parents

You were up bright and early with
mummy and grandad 

Nana and Kelly and grandad looked after you at lunchtime for a couple of hours today so mummy and daddy could go out for some lunch together. 

You had another piece of cucumber today which you enjoyed 

You had potato for lunch Which you loved. 

You were very good for everyone. We then all met up in the town and mummy and daddy took you for a walk for a nap. 

What an awesome 2015 it has been. 
Looking forward to lots of fun with you in 2016! Love you lots! Mummy X X X 

Wednesday shopping with nana Joan

We got up nice and early and left nanas for your first Nap and went to ashford. Nana Joan bought you a new dress for your holiday and mummy got you some bits in the sale. 

We then went for a drive for nap 2 and then met everyone else at nandos. You ate all your lunch up and loved it. At nandos you stole some of my cucumber and loved it

We put your slippers on and timed how long it took you to get them off. We were surprised to see you get your foot in your mouth! 

You enjoyed some stories with nana

And taking some selfies of us all!

Monday, 28 December 2015

Sunday new foods success

Well after a very bad start to bed time you were much better for the rest of the night. 
We gave you some banana for breakfast which you loved. 
For lunch you tried cauliflour which you thought was even better!

You even managed to get the spoon into your mouth a few times even if it was a bit cack handed. 

Bank holiday Monday

Mummy dressed you in this outfit from Nana Joan. Too cute!

More cauliflour went down a treat!

You are getting so much stronger and you are starting to sit up so well. 

Everyone can't believe how engaged and Interested in everything now. You are growing up and changing so quickly.

Glad you went to bed calmer than the last two nights. Hope it lasts and your teeth don't wake you up! 

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Boxing Day blues

Well after another sleepless night we chilled out at nana and grandads until lunchtime then took you to see great nana ruby. 

She was so happy to see you once you finally woke up!

When we arrived you were fast asleep and daddy ended up sat in the car with you for the first 20 minutes of our visit. 

Ruby loved playing on the floor with you. 

You managed a little cuddle too!

You were very u settled when we tried to put you to bed with lots of screaming and crying until 11pm. We all tried to settle you but you were having none of it. 
We gave you some baby neurofen in the end and you slept for 5 hours. Phew! 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Four poos and a weigh in

Trust you to manage 4 poos on a weigh day! Mummy was hoping you would have put on more weight but think the amount going through you we lost quite a few grams!

Mummy went to the osteopath and you played daddy up only eating half your breakfast and then not napping well. 
Once you woke up we went to see the Boxalls. 

Came home had some lunch. Baby rice with pear which you ate all of!
Then we had you weighed and did some packing ready for our trip to nanas tomorrow! 

Your present from the boxalls - flashing drum!


Arrived at nanas Tuesday 22nd after a nice long nap from you!

Christmas Day 

Wow you are spoilt!

Nana made you a special dress

You played whilst we all had lunch

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Meeting Santa

Well third good night in a row. Daddy keeps joking you just needed to turn 6 months old. Hope that's true!
After a busy start feeding and packing Hermione and Mark came to visit. 

You were very happy to see them. They bought you a beautiful coat!you had a good go at pulling all the paper off! 
We then hot footed it to rhyme time with the boxalls, dawn and Charlie and Ali and Ellie. 
Then we went to a very busy Kitchen where we saw Santa. 

Home for lunch then we jumped in the car to nanas. 

Nana, grandad and Kelly were all so excited to see you. That will soon wear off after a few sleepless nights!

You made lots of funny noises chatting back to grandad after mummy gave up trying to get you to sleep. Think after your 2 hour nap on the way down and all the excitement it was too much to expect a nap. 
Soon it was Bathtime with daddy. You were a bit too tired to enjoy it. We will try again another day. 
Night pudding!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Babies first Christmas

You slept so much better last night only waking twice for a feed. I wish I knew why so I could recreate it every night!

You have a crazy curly tuft on top of your head now. It makes me laugh when it sticks up. 

Mummy and Carys had a walk for a nap. 

When we got back you had baby rice and pear and scoffed it all down. 

We then went to your buddy jakes house for your Christmas party. I think I got you ready too soon as I got several impatient looks waiting to go. 
Along with some cute ones. 

It took a lot of jumping up and down parents 

But we did get some baby shots of you all together