Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Sorry I’ve not written much lately I don’t have time to drink or pee during the day that much let alone find half hr to sit and write. 
With so much going on it’s hard to find time but I have found 5 mins for a quick update. 

You are such a girly girl at the moment. You love a handbag filled with bits to play with. I have lost countless packs of tissues over to your many handbags the last few weeks. 

We have returned to hartbeeps this half term. You weren’t sure for the first session but you have been amazing for the 2nd and 3rd session. So much have u enjoyed it as soon as you are outside you have asked to go back!

This picture was of the Halloween special. 

Nana and kelly came to visit - they get the best cuddles ! You give a proper bear hug now! 

They had arrived to stay for the night with grandad arriving tomorrow. 

Nerys had her first food. Of course you had to get in on the action. 

Mummy is breastfeeding Nerys so she couldn’t come to the fireworks - but you went with kelly nana and daddy. You were tired but loved them and every day you tell me you want to go again so despite being tired I know you had a fantastic time. 

The next day we all went to church and out for lunch and then for a walk. 

You were a bit overtired from being up late and had a performance over which toilet seat you wanted to pee on. Mummy was not very happy as you had upset nana being a pest and she was only trying to help you!

The next day nana and grandad came to visit before flying off to Thailand. 

You are very much my little helper and want to do everything Mummy is doing. From the washing to ironing to unpacking the dishwasher or hoovering. You love helping with Nerys and want to pick her clothes and hand me wipes and nappies. 

Your favourite game is still when “the man” bring the food shopping and you get to deliver it to the kitchen using ur trolley. 

A day doesn’t go by without one of these breakdowns. Usually when told no to something. Not getting you own way is not an option to you. 

You enjoy preschool now. So much so that you ask everyday “school today?” 

You still love baby Nerys and spent most of your time being nice - apart from stealing any toy she dares to show interest in. Mummy spends most of the day saying “share!”

You are very loving - but can be heavy handed. You still don’t realise how strong you are and how little baby Nerys is. 

Your favourite toys at the moment are still your dolly’s and your prams. You love playing a game which Mummy has entitled “Park it”. It involves driving anything with wheels from the back room to the front room and parking it. Tina is your firm favourite doll but you do now sleep with her, looby loo, unicorn and a bunny. More toys than people! 

You loved this weeks hartbeeps playing drs and nurses to sick dolls. 

Play doh is in the house much to my disgust. I hate the stuff but you love rolling it out and cutting it up!

Also you are enjoying pretend calls with people. There has been a few funny ones!

Love you beautiful x 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

25th October 2017

Off to visit Joan and Roy

A gift from Joan

Visit to the rare breeds farm

Was a bit cold and muddy, so a quick warm up in the hot tub at nana’s 

A cold snap, different from yesterday

Nice selfie Carys 

Home again and a trip to the park with daddy’s

How did nana’s bag get there?!